New movie on – Nettle Cage – Holly

As you can see I have got a shiny new cage. At first I thought there was no way that I or anyone of my girls can fit in, it seemed so impossibly small. But as it turned out it is quite tolerable if not comfortable. Not considering being poked and rubbed with stinging nettles meanwhile. Which happened to Holly while Jessica hanged her from the ceiling in the cage. Later the cage proved to be quite usable as a whipping bench while Jessica flogged Holly’s tits and pussy with the rest of the stinging nettles. Then she stuffed her pussy with the leaves and made her cum.

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  1. We have all verified in several films that Holly is a very hard bitch, that she is the one with the most hardened pussy of all the girls of QS and that Holly even gets horny and comes to cum when she receives brutal lashes in her pussy. In this film we have verified that, the scourges with nettles that Holly has received, has been a very light punishment for a woman so hard and so hot. In addition, it has been a long time since Holly has not received a session of really brutal whips and this fabulous woman will need to receive a brutal flogging from time to time so that a masochistic bitch like her can enjoy and get orgasms through the intense pain of Lashes I propose that Holly show us how far her maximum limits of resistance to pain reach, voluntarily submitting to a brutal flogging with the short and hard whip that was used to burst Briana’s tits (not to use the usual soft whips but the hardest ones and hurtful). Holly will be whipped simultaneously, and with the utmost brutality, by Queensnaque and Tracy, who will give 30 lashes each in Holly’s ass. Jessica will keep track of each lash out loud (to see how many lashes in total Holly can withstand). After finishing the lashes in the ass, Jessica will apply the electric dildo to Holly’s pussy to make her horny. Before Holly has an orgasm, Jessica will remove Holly’s pussy dildo and, immediately, Queensnake and Tracy will give another 60 lashes each on Holly’s back. At the end of the lashes on the back, Jessica will repeat the previous operation. Later, Queensnake and Tracy will give another 30 lashes each on Holly’s tits and then Jessica will reheat Holly’s pussy with the dildo. Another 60 lashes will follow in Holly’s pussy. By then, presumably Holly will be hot as a bitch and about to cum and she will please ask Jessica not to remove the dildo so she can cum. Jessica will accept Holly’s request as long as Holly accepts that, after achieving orgasm, Queensnake and Tracy will whip Holly again giving her another 50 lashes more each, distributed throughout Holly’s body. This time, and for greater humiliation, it will be Holly herself who keeps track of each of the lashes she receives. It will be the price that Holly will have to pay for her friends to grant her the right to have a beastly orgasm, but Holly’s body will be marked by lashes for a lot of days. Holly will be able to show off her whip marks before her fans and she will also be proud to have her entire body as hard as her pussy. It will be an unforgettable show!

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