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  1. — A proposal for Queensnake:
    I think that the self-flogging movies of pussies are excellent and rare in the DBSM. In addition, they constitute one of the hallmarks of Queensnake.com. It would be good if, from time to time, Tracy, Holly, Nazryana, Queensnake … were subjected to new sessions of self-beating (through the series “Self-Service”, “Rulers”, “Whip Myself” …), to show their fans that they have improved their levels of masochism and have raised their levels of resistance to pain. In each “new session” of self-beating, each girl would try to beat her own record of self-blows in her pussy with respect to her previous session. The counts of self-blows in the pussy would be carried out by an umpire who would record the progress in number and intensity of the blows with respect to the previous sessions. Each participant girl must commit to endure at least 50 more self-blows in her pussy than those who self-inflicted in the previous session. If the participant girl gets her new record of self-blows in the pussy, she will be rewarded with a fabulous orgasm afterwards. If the girl does not get her new record of self-blows in the pussy, she will be punished with 100 lashes in the part of her body that she prefers (ass, tits or back) given with extreme brutality and with the terrible short and thick whip with the one that Queensnake lashed Briana’s tits in the movie titled “Udder Destruction”.

    I congratulate Queensnake, all your friends and all your production team for your excellent films.

  2. The self-punishing movies of pussies are always very interesting.

    About this movie. Some reflections on the beautiful Jessica and her spectacular masochistic bitch friends:

    I really like that Jessica learns to get her orgasms through the technique of hitting her beautiful pussy with brutal self-spanking, but for this Jessica needs a very high level of masochism and a very high level of self-control that Jessica does not have yet (Jessica is capar to endure that her friends whip her pussy with extreme brutality, but Jessica is not able to self-bang her pussy with the same extreme brutality, because her mind prevents her from self-inflicting pain, that is, Jessica is not a complete masochist ). Jessica does not have the high level of masochism, nor the high level of self-control, nor of resistance to pain in her pussy that have her friends Nazryana, Tracy, Holly and Queensnake, which already have their pussies very accustomed to being battered and very hardened. to the innumerable self-inflicted beatings. And in addition, these four women are already true experts in achieving orgasm through the brutal and continuous self-flagellation of their pussies. They achieve even several orgasms one after another, watching their pussies swell and redden more and more, almost flayed by self-flogging and almost bleeding, as a result of the brutal and incessant self-whipping that they inflict themselves with terrible hitting instruments, until they get fabulous orgasms but in exchange for destroying their pussies. For this reason these four fabulous women are not afraid of the pain of their pussies because through extreme pain they get to achieve the ultimate pleasure of orgasm and for this reason they do not fear self-banging their pussies, because the more blows they self-inflict more intense is orgasm. For that reason, they want more and more blows and harder and harder, and thus the orgasms will be more and more intense. Now Jessica needs to be instructed by Tracy, Holly, Nazryana and Queensnake, so that she gets to harden and strengthen her pussy by systematic and constant training, based on the self-whipping of her pussy almost daily and with progressive brutality. In a short time Jessica will get her pussy strengthened and hardened by the blows, and she will be able to endure self-flogging and the most brutal self-beating while she gets horny like a masochistic bitch and she gets the most powerful orgasms . Almost with total certainty, after a while, Jessica will enter the vicious circle of pure masochistic pleasure: Jessica will endure the intense pain better and better, her body will need more and more pain, her mind will take pride in the high resistance to the pain that is acquiring progressively her body and Jessica will need self-beating more and more brutal in her pussy to get horny and orgasm. Only then, Jessica will have managed to become a true masochistic bitch of the same level as Tracy, Holly, Nazryana and Queensnake, who enjoy their self-flogging so much that they do not mind self-wrecking their pussy in exchange for to be able to achieve spectacular orgasms.
    I hope that soon we can see again Jessica self-whipping her pussy without fear and with a brutality equivalent to the brutal self-beating of her pussies that Tracy, Holly, Nazryana and Queensnaque offer us in their performances.

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