Soccer Girls


Hitting by the ball brings back happy childhood memories – as a little girl I always loved to play football with the boys who usually played hard. I thought what about calling up those memories now when everybody is in the football world cup fever?!

So I called my girlfriends Tanita and Nazryana and arranged an outdoor training. We all chose a favorite team and painted their colors on our body: Tanita’s favorite is Germany, Nazryana’s is Russia and mine is France. The goal was to hit the goalkeeper’s body with the ball as many times as we can and with full strength of course. We selected the goalkeeper by a draw to make our game more exciting. I myself wanted to be in the gate so much but finally Nazryana was the lucky girl who had to play the role of the “target dummy”.


First her butts and then her tits were hit by the ball. Her pain agony was satisfying especially when her tits got some nice shot. We kicked the ball with Tanita for about 5 hours continuously in 32 Celsius and we had to realize that our football skills are way too puny, it’s pretty hard to kick with full strength and especially to aim right.

Now all of my muscles are aching from my toes to my neck, even walking is painful. All my respect to the football players in Brazilia ;) It is a very very hard game!

I hope you will like our amateur girlish football training session ;) It will be available soon on my lezdom bdsm site.

6 Replies to “Soccer Girls”

  1. What’s your name, I mean i’ve seen tanita,nazryana and you too, but don’t know your name. And how do you guys tolerate such pain? How!

  2. try squeezing a tube of BEN GAY into your pussy and let it stay inside your pussy for about half an hour. Experiencing the simultaneous cool and hot sensation inside your pussy. You will love it.

    1. Thx for the suggestion. So far I only tried it outside on my pussy and the burning sensation was very intense indeed. I haven’t tried it inside though, yet ;)

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