Nailed Down

I just wanted to make a real hardcore movie with a lot of pain and blood for I decided to nail my pumped up tits to a pine wood timber. I expected much blood but finally there was not even a tiny drop in the first part of the session, only in the end when I pulled out the nails. That is why I could publish the first part of this session on my censored bdsm site hoping that my payment provider won’t make me remove it.

The second part of this video with the title “Nailed Down” is available on my uncensored site –

I never thought that I would be able to do this to myself, actually I wasn’t sure that I would do it at all in any way, especially when I thought of my very sensitive nipples. Ouuuuch even the idea scared me so much.

But the human brain is wonderful, you can overcome any kind of fear if you are determined enough.

As the camera started recording an inner start button had been pushed down in my mind and from that point there was no way back. The more nails pierced through my flesh, the more ecstatic I felt, my adrenaline level got higher and higher and the pain was mixed with the excitement of being watched and being defenseless. All the time, I was close to faint (I kind of inhaled fructose pills) but I didn’t want to stop half way, I knew that nailing down my nipples would be the most brutal part of this self-torture.

I had several orgasms – I gave up counting them after six – while I was nailed down, the fact that I couldn’t escape or even move made me so horny.

While hammering at one point I accidentally hit a big one on my nipple instead of the head of the nail. You should have seen the face of my master behind the camera, he was rolling on floor laughing gloatingly on my mistake. I didn’t find it so funny.

Pulling out the nails was hard – especially from my nipples – and it was way more painful than hitting the nails in. I felt the nails stuck into my flesh like they were glued there and they didn’t move at all despite the fact I pulled them with my full strength.  They only budged by twisting the nails before pulling.

It was weird that there was hardly any blood even during and after removing the nails, just some quite big holes in my tits :)

My wounds are healing fast. Now, two weeks later I cannot tell where the nails went through my nipples, the place of the other holes are still visible, there are some darker spots on my tits now but I think they will also disappear in a few weeks. So hopefully there won’t be any permanent marks on my skin.

You can check out my tits  12 days after nailing on my tumblr:

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  1. very good! Thank you. Are you familiar with the work of the studio of the galaxy torture? How do you feel about the level of torture?

  2. Just a question that I couldn’t ask on your other site. Once the bugs go in, how do you get them out? You know, from your holes? The only way I know of to remove bugs is boiling water, and there’s no way on earth I’m doing that..

  3. Just a question that I couldn’t ask on your other site. Once the bugs go in, how do you get them out? You know, from your holes? The only way I know of to remove bugs is boiling water, and there’s no way on earth I’m doing that.

  4. Sorry, I may be out of topic… but I would like to react to one of your post where you denie any anal play…
    I can’t find it back in your plethoric blog
    I’m very admirative of your work… this sequence Nailed Down is a pure outstanding création…inequalable for years on the web…
    But concerning ass play.. I hate you’re dinying that… You could really have the same prudence and security that you have in every other games you practice…
    As a dominant, I noticed that ass is the ultimate gift a sub can give, the most intimate and humiliating part of her body… a real door entry in the body and the mind… and a dedicated place for pain.
    I really would like to see what you can create around this… with your great imagination and your deligntful sub/friends
    Mind it… or should I say… tell your master to mind it…
    Big kisses and big respect tou you…. really, everithing is better since I know you’re existing…

  5. You have no idea how bad I want to torture your tits, cunt and asshole. I want to make you scream and beg for mercy but you will find none.

  6. When piercing flesh with objects that may be difficult to remove, or to insert, for that matter, you might consider a light coating of something like bacitracin or a double or triple antibiotic cream. This may provide some lubrication and additional protection against infection. Just a thought.

    Also, I’ve read that some objects are best not to use for piercing, such as nickel coated safety pins, for example. They can leave particles of the coating behind as well as cause contact dermatitis. You may already know more about this than I do.

  7. Really adore your works QUEEN, love your main site and I will adore this new site once I figure out how to join with virtual money
    that I can’t seem to get on the spot on my PC, :-( … Looks like I will have to give it a mist for tonight as I don’t have a “Bitcoin” wallet
    created and no coins available, missing you! :-(.

  8. Hoch verehrte Queensnake,

    Sie sind die beste die es gibt! Ich bin ein Fan von Ihnen. Alles was Sie machen und was Sie zeigen begeistert und inspiriert mich. Nur zu gerne würde ich mich von Ihnen behandeln lassen oder Sie behandeln. Ich verneige mich vor Ihnen.

    Hochactungsvoll Hannibal

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