I think I can say that this session was one of the most crazy ones :) Planting a flower into the vagina has been always something that I wanted to try. Tanita was happy to be the first girl who has a nice red tulip planted in her pussy.

Of course we made serious preparation and aftercare to avoid any kind of infections, so please don’t worry about Tanita, she is in a good health ;) After this session she took the tulip home with herself and took care of it with love. The tulip was in blossom for her for two weeks more and it always reminded her of her extremely kinky “intimate relationship” of it :)

The video and some high resolution photos will be published on my main bdsm site.

2 Replies to “Tulip”

  1. HI Queensnake, I love your nettle sessions, I have used these for years and they are incredibly painful on the glans penis. I don’t know how you tolerate the pain on your clitoris. Exactly as you have found the “under the skin” crawling feeling persists for hours. If you want some suggestions for the future how about 1). Holly (Ilex aquifolium) used as in your tackrider scenes, maybe also whipping and, (it would be fantastic) insertion, if the risk of being torn to pieces is not too much. 2). How about fucking yourself with a cactus? Some have impossibly hard spikes but others are much softer. Just some thoughts…

  2. hi Mistress Queensnake , do u host private BDSM sessions? I would like to meet u in a BDSM scene. Jim

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