Tackrider Sharon

Tackrider sessions are always fun, it was inevitable for Sharon to try it. This time her big tits were also involved in the game.

A special tit clamp made of metal bars – attached to the ceiling by thick rubber bands – was put on her tits so she could use her big boobs to help in holding her weight above the spiky bar that was placed between her legs. The result was convincing, girls with big boobs are definitely better in balancing and holding their body up above the scary bar and this way they can avoid sitting on the tack bar for pretty long time. There was a long duration when only one of her breasts helped supporting her weight.

Sharon made a new record, it took more than 25 minutes for her to fall down on the thumbtacks.

And finally she had to do something brave and extremely painful, she sat on the tack bar with her full weight for about 2 minutes. Nobody could do that before, it hurts exceptionally!

2 Replies to “Tackrider Sharon”

  1. I’d love to see more of these breast clamp sessions, preferably with the clamps screwed a lot tighter. This would have two benefits, the model’s body would be supported better, and her breasts would end up a lovely (to me at least) shade of purple. Not too deep, I don’t want to damage them – just give her more pleasure through pain, and admiration of her humiliation!

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