Sealed Nazryana

Nazryana is in dread of everything that is connected to piercing plays, she already weeps before doing anything but finally she does it and she is happy and proud of herself after doing it.

This time the horrible staple gun made her dread and cry. Since she loves sex and huge cocks, I wanted her to show me how to ride an xxl size dildo. Although I motivated her by some whipping to sit on that huge black dick deeper and deeper, she just resisted and finally failed.

To punish her I made a special gift for her: huge and heavy screw nuts tied up to each other with a nice red lace. She got my present right into her vagina, now it was fully stuffed and filled. To secure her pussy I sealed the lips with as many staples as I could.

In the end of the sealing process she was completely freaked out of the pain and I wanted to give her some pleasure pushing a vibe against her sealed pussy. Hehe the effect was amazing, she was squirming and writhing in pain,  it hurt to her much more then anything else I did before.

Finally I had mercy on her and let her get rid of the staples and the heavy stuff in her pussy but I expected her to do it in the most painful way. So she had to take the candle position – her legs and butts in the air – and the end of the lace lolled out of her pussy was tied up tightly to the ceiling hook. My plan was devil: after she lost her strength and was not able to hold her butts up, the heavy stuff popped out of her vagina tearing the staples out painfully. She resisted as always and decided not to let her butts down in any ways and because I was a pussy as a domina, I finally took the staples out with a mechanical pickup tool and pulled out the string of nuts. Shame on me guys, it won’t happen again :P Master was furious because of it.

Despite her rebellious attitude Nazryana got her usual orgasm reward in the end and she was just squirting and squirting all over. She suddenly changed from a cry baby to an orgasm machine :)

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