Poll Results IV

I closed the poll about the needle scenes. ¬†Thank you for your votes. ¬†First it seemed that most preferred the painful and clean piercing process but finally the pain and blood fans took the lead with some votes. It’s obvious that pain is a real turn-on in bdsm and I was almost sure that the “not painful” answers wouldn’t be popular. But it was surprising for me that there are about as many who like bloody plays as who don’t.

Actually I myself couldn’t decide. I think bloody scenes can be very erotic and that kind of photos are like a piece of art on one hand, on the other hand blood can be very scary, at least for me considering my little blood phobia what I am trying to overcome all the time.

Check out the poll results:

In needle scenes the piercing process should be:

  • slow, painful and bloody (48%, 197 Votes)
  • slow, painful and clean (44%, 179 Votes)
  • quick, not painful and clean (6%, 24 Votes)
  • quick, not painful and bloody (3%, 11 Votes)

Total Voters: 411

As you can see I started a new interesting poll. I would like to know what are your favorite areas in punishments: tits, buttocks, pussy, feet, belly or? If I left out something, please let me know :).

13 Replies to “Poll Results IV”

  1. What I’d like is to see more BLUND or COLORED PINS use pushed very slowly into your tits and nipples and inside your pussy and into your clit ands your ass hole.

    Use a lit Cigarettes to burn you tits nipples as well as your lips pussy inside and outside ands your ass hole.

    How about letting girls throw DARTS using your tits pussy and ands your ass hole as as a Dart Board looser become Dart Board.

    Fill your Cunt with sew needles or COMMON PINS.

  2. You should post more tortures of your belly and feet. I’d definitely buy those based on the quality of your other videos. Also, you should pierce your navel in one of your piercing sessions too.

  3. Dear Turan, I am one of yours fideles adorers.
    I like for you that things who give you pleasuure and wild emotion, not only pain.
    I love you.

  4. Most commercial BDSM videos have become nothing more than bondage vibrator scenes. Your videos are definitely the most refreshing and real on the market.

    I am surprised about the strong preference for pussy torture. It is my favourite, but you see so little of it on the market, even faked pussy torture, so I had always assumed that it was a minority taste.

    1. It could still be a minority, if enough people in that minority have found their way here.

      As you’ve said, there are few competitors about that don’t regularly short-change their audience. This is probably even more true for pussy torture. On the other side of the coin, there are a good few established forums for spanking and foot torture.

  5. I’ve got to agree on the real part. There’s a lot of appeal for those of us fed up of years of exaggerated moaning and bad acting. Sometimes even the play is faked (e.g. most electricity play).

    Just a quick pussy torture suggestion – you’ve done a near-full riding and ridden a stone horse, what are your thoughts on a full-on crotch rope or wedgie suspension?

    Finally, noticed your twitter – I can’t believe rubber band 4 is disliked. What makes you think it is?

    1. I am also fed up with fake plays and don’t like “movie-like” vids with play-acting (so funny and not real). BDSM and especially SM is getting to lose its meaning. Actually my real SM vids shock and scare people but it is only about real pain.
      I like suspension games especially when I have the chance to hold myself for a while then I got tired and I have no choice than give up and bear the pain in my pussy. Yes, I definitely like it :).
      About Rubber Band movie, there weren’t too many comments in my blog and only very few people downloaded it at the clip store. That is why I think it’s not that popular.

      1. Ooh, you’ve raised another point – predicaments are fun to watch! It’d definitely be good to see something like that.

        I wonder if there might be other reasons for sales trends. It might be that sales will always decline in the run-up to christmas.

  6. My opinion is that people voted for bloody because it’s vey real. That’s also why your site is unique and getting such a favorable response…..because it’s very real as opposed to so many other sites out there. Keep up the amazing work Queensnake! Btw…..it’s clear that we all love your pussy tortured:). Are you planning on making a vid soon using the results of your pussy stuffing poll?

    1. Of course, every pussy stuffing idea that was in the poll is on my “wishlist” ;). I think I am going to start with the thumbtacks, my vagina has been trained for prickly things lately, I wanna keep on practicing :).

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