Pins in nipple

My nipples have never been pierced with pins before and I was very excited to do it for the first time and for myself. I thought that it wouldn’t be easy and it wasn’t indeed. This time we did not make a movie for you, it was just a little practicing and experiment :). I prepared some pins, a corkboard and a meat tenderizer from the kitchen. After putting my tiny tits on the corkboard, I turned on my webcam to record and document the action for myself then I put a pin next to my nipple and started to hit it with the meat tenderizer.

It was unbelievable but my brain did not let me to hit strongly so the pin didn’t go through my skin, I pulled out the pin and restarted the process again and again. It was a shame but it took about 10 minutes to pierce through the first pin, I did it the most painful and the slowest possible way, it was very hard to overcome the resistance in my mind.

My tit was pinned to the corkboard at last but I didn’t want to stop. I took an other pin and started to beat into the board on the other side, I thought it would be easier for the second time but it took as long as the first one and finally I pushed it in using my finger because I wasn’t able to use the meat tenderizer.

The long and painful piercing process knocked me out so I asked my master to show me how a pro does so he took the meat tenderizer and hit a big one on the head of the pin. It pierced through the center of my nipple instantly, I felt only a short pain and I was ashamed of being so awkward.

I will try it next time with nails and hammer, I am sure that it would be easier. The pins with their rounded heads and the lightweight meat tenderizer are not good together although they could be very painful if you are as clumsy as me :).

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  1. The board you are using is to hard to nail pins into your nipples use a soft wood like pine not particle boards is to dense to use.

  2. Here is another idea take a soft a wooden board 5 inches x 2 feet and 1/4 inch thick, using soft wood will be easier to put brads in.
    mark the board where you’re lovely tits sit on the board then hammer 10 to 20 1/2 inch-long brads thought the board so that i/4 inch is sticking out of the board put your tits Colored Pins or tack nail your tits to the board.
    It a little work but you can play with the nail board different ways
    you sit on it you put your tits on the board beat them.

    Love Mater Barsh

  3. It sounds as though you could use a little more practice in this area. Perhaps forgoing the mallet for a while and piercing your labia to a dildo by hand?

  4. Excellent post…..thanks for sharing your adventure with a new way to integrate office supplies and kitchen utensils:). Looking forward to more office supply play……thumbtacks in the pussy maybe?

  5. Pour l’avoir fait plusieurs fois, je confirme que le marteau et les clous ne posent aucun probleme, et que c’est meme tres facile a faire. Prevoir tout de meme des clous assez long pour les tenir facilement avec les doigts. C’est la fin de la seance qui est plus dure, car plus on les laisse longtemps, plus les chairs restent longtemps clouées au bois, plus les chairs percées se resserrent sur la tige du clou et plus c’est diffile a retirer. Il faut vraiment tirer tres fort. Ainsi, oter les clous est souvent plus douloureux que le clouage lui meme.
    Bonne seance

  6. The service tray should be fastened in your nipple piercings. My master loves his champagne served that way….. nice work!

  7. This happens when a woman starts to tinker, hehe. I like your idea how to thank my master for the lesson :D.

  8. Nails and a solid hammer are definitelly better solution :) The tiny head of the pin is hard to hold and hit, it might even broke. And it must be a hammer with a solid mass to be able to drive the nails through the skin in one blow. It looks much more terrible, as in fact than is.
    Your master surely knows how to do it :) You should thank him with serving him a bottle and a glass of wine from serving plateao, which should be a wodden board (soft wood , no oak :) ) , nailed on one side through your tits and on the other side attached to a chain (or leather strap) going around your neck (similar to plateaos, used sometimes by ladies, selling cigarettes in bars, etc..) . The wine, served in this way has a very special taste :) I like it….

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