Tackrider Series

It is time to close the Tackrider poll. Thanks for your votes and ideas. My master can’t wait to boost it up ;).

Would you like to see more "Tackrider" movies with new girls?

  • Yes, but boost it up somehow. (76%, 197 Votes)
  • Yes, the same setup. (12%, 32 Votes)
  • No, boring. (11%, 29 Votes)

Total Voters: 258

Just a note, I would have said that it is boring :). My master was right again, I don’t understand how the hell he always knows what you would like. I am lucky that we hadn’t a bet this time.

I launched a new poll about needle tortures, I really want to know what do you think about bloody scenes. Do you like them or not?

12 Replies to “Tackrider Series”

  1. Always use BLUNT PINS or COLORED PINS never use needles they are boring to see used.
    BLUNT PINS or COLORED PINS are more interesting and painful to use.

  2. I loved it! It was amazing watching you strain your muscles to avoid the pain :) an awesome predicament.

  3. I love a lot yours face expressions because they are exceptionally feeling.
    I love when I can see your mouvements, for the same reasons.
    Thank you for your Art !

    1. He has more boosting ideas and wants to work out each one. I am really frightened of the inverse version of “tackrider” with staples.

        1. The main difference from tackrider would be that instead of tacks on a thick form bar there would be about 30 staples shot into my pussy so these would get pushed deeper and deeper not the tacks.

          1. That’s a really great idea! Hopefully there is no padding on the bar this time:)

  4. You should use silver needles, the kind that Chinese medicine uses for Acupuncture, which is of course the procedure of inserting and manipulating needles into various points on the body to relieve pain or for therapeutic purposes. If you know how, they can give pleasure as well. You can find different sizes of them, although they will never make you bleed if you insert them in the right spaces. Every time you bleed, de facto, you are cutting internal tissues, fact that could create problems. I guess you are not going to act in stupid ways, and your body is strong, so no problem. BDSM is just the practice of pain for far too many people that do not really know what they are doing. Take a look, study the topic, and everything will be fine. Acupuncture is a very ancient art. It can cure. Wrong point, it can arm your body.
    I love when you play, but you should both remember that you are not children and people that are unable to understand and emulate what they see, let’s call them ignorants, are dangerous if they play the fools with their slaves without knowing what they are doing.
    I know it was a boring lesson, but nevertheless, a way to love you. Take care.

    Concerning making things popular, i believe that BDSM is son of the KALI YUGA, and it is a side effect of KARMIC SUFFERENCE, aimed to force sweet and tender love downwards. During the Golden Age, things were so heavenly. Nowadays, since De Sade, and Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, played their role in European culture, trespassing the limits of moral costume, their teachings have been reduced to physical by the ones that they criticized of course. If you read their books you will notice that they talk a lot about philosophy, and their internal code, is one of the most intriguing matters of modern cryptology. Something like the Bible code: names, situations, lists, etc… timing of the scenes, emotional libido waves, etc… etc… so read attentively and find out by yourself. Only a few can understand this state of mind, subspace, or whatever you may call it. And even less can practice these extreme games, happily, and amongst these people most do it for money, some because they are evil, vampires and so on, and others because they can’t stop, and as Stings song Murder by numbers says, they are adrenaline addicts, which is still a drug, though internal and produced by forced emotional situations that clash and destabilize rational mind, irrational thought, etc… And guess what, I just found out the name of the companies and the names of the people that run porno end erotic contents all over the world through the web,…. gosh… they really enjoy it, making millions… and making all these games so popular, as you say… and creating hell on earth in some way, although their job would rather be involved in “heavenly matters” but as i am not a mystic and don’t understand completely what they are really doing, i scratch my head, and stop for a little while. Morpheus knew. Take care.
    Love xxxxxxxx

    1. Thank you for the lesson :). I read De Sade’s books, his work still has actuality. He wrote sexually explicit stories to reveal the hypocritical side of his society, it is sad that finally he became imprisoned because he was brave enough to declare the truth. There is an american writer, Dough Wright who wrote a play about how he imagined De Sade’s last days (“Quills”), I think he really understood De Sade’s message…
      I haven’t read Masoch’s books but I would like to know his work too.

  5. Can’t say I’m much a fan of blood, scars or disfiguration. I’m all for tormented women but permanent damage would be too much of a price for that.

    Given that, needles don’t always appeal to me anyway so perhaps I shouldn’t have voted, but I do find the cleaner varieties of it to be among your best material to date (the tack-riders and ophiuchus, mm…)

    Also, quick note for early buyers who are on: It seems rubber band is going up for sale right now.

    1. When we use medical needles, blood is inevitable after pulling them out, it is scary but there are no permanent scars, it heals much faster than a hard whipping. We would never do that kind of tortures that can make any everlasting marks on the body. Safety and health are the most important things in our SM games.

      I am personally not a blood fan (except True Blood, hehe) either, I used to pass out when the doctor drew my blood, now I am better after some bdsm needle practicing.

      I think that I should make a blog entry about the favorable effects of BDSM to make it more popular :D.

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