Ant Test

Although it’s been cold and rainy since August :(, we went for a trip again to find an anthill. When we were walking in the pine forest, it seemed as if every single insect would have disappeared. We saw some small spiders and dead butterflies and nothing else. The ground was muddy and cold. We almost gave up to find any ants when I spotted a huge, lonely one next to a dry-rotten tree.

First I wasn’t brave enough to put it on me but finally I succeeded to surmount my fear. First I put it on my foot and tried to make it angry to bite but it didn’t. Despite the ant’s peaceful attitude, I was way too frightened. Then I tried it on my pussy and my clitoris but there wasn’t any bites again.

On our way home I found an anthill surprisingly in the middle of a muddy road. I put my foot into the anthill but there were only some red ants and they didn’t bite me either despite me disturbing their home.

I think the cold made the ants comatose, probably they are already hibernated deep underground.  We have to wait until spring comes. Whatever, at least I could practice a little to overcome my fear of ants.

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  1. Wow! I have just watched your ant session! IT WAS AMAZING!!! One of the most exciting acts ever! Please do things similar to this again!

    I am a member on your website and will keep being one if you make more stuff like this!

    I would love to see similar content with some lesbian domination and speculum and pissing involved.

    Keeo up the good work!

  2. Hello Queen,
    just found out about yr site.very interesting.I like the ants site.Crawling on yr pussy n ass.I can bet u that u will have uncountable orgasm.I like to see leeches.leeches crawling on yr pussy sucking the lips of yr pussy.Leeches must find a swamp area.that’s where the leeches stays.try it out.

  3. Hello Reine,
    Je regarde ton site pour savoir quand ce sera terminé…
    Moi aussi je fais de l’informatique (je suis nulle) et je t’envois mon new mail…
    Bonnes fêtes!

  4. hi queen snake you look in shape and great pussy im real and male but used a…..s flies worms do the flies you will love it the small feet really tickle fly and land run back and forth use some jam or get your pussy wet masturbate get some natural aroma they will love it hey its not that dirty they sit on you anyway think of all the things you touch that are dirty just wash afterwards dont let them go way up inside thats like letting them in your mouth hey you dont do that theyed tickle your both inner and outer labia your clit and hood and your asshole im shure its happened and been done before and is being done but people wont amid to it hey it happens i just happened to me it landed it felt good make vid id love it or other girls too ty

    1. Yes, I know them, I saw those kind of worms for sale as reptiles’ food when I visited a terraristic expo a few weeks ago.

  5. Well, with my sub-friend I have tried also grasshoppers and mantis on her nipples and clitoris. The last one is really beast. While the grasshopper just byte (and very painfull too) mantis starts with deep byte and then continue with eating the top layer of the skin. It is a kind of sweet and intriguing pain, a lot of bood and the feeling of beeing eaten alive… but it takes a few days to recover. You should try this :)
    We have also played with all kind of spiders, at liest here, in Slovenija there are no very venomous spiders (with exception of black widow) and the feeling of their fangs beeing pushed deeper and deeper is just… mmmm :)

    I must confess I like your site very much, you are a wanderfull SM sub and must be heaven playing with you :)
    Keep on rolling…
    Regards D

      1. Oh yes, they can :)
        Just remember the swarms of grasshoppers that eat literally everthiny on their way.
        But you must find the big, green grasshopper, not the small ones.
        And the mantis is one of the most horrid predators, lucky for us, she is not big :D
        Even her front legs are designed so, that if she grabs something , it can not escape. Then she pulls the the catch to her jaws and starts nibbling…

      2. Sounds like Queensnake will have a very busy spring when all the fun biting insects get restless…..or vacation to an ant-infested tropical island would be a nice idea too:)

  6. The ants inside an outside of your pussy would be amazing! I have tried talking my girlfriend/sub into filling her pussy with caterpillars, and lots of slugs and snails! I would love to see your pussy full of either of those, my gf has played with a slug on her clit and labia and said it felt great. You could do a whole bunch put a lot inside you and feel them squirm around and leave behind slime. Maybe put some in then staple your pussy shut, and see how long you can have them inside you! I love your site and blog, I have been searching for somebody like you for some time now!

  7. The a………..t and f……….y scenes can be very easily achieved by the use of a vaginal cup, or even quite cimply just a jar. The submissive (or their master) fills the jar with the i……….s and it can then either be inserted into the submissive with the top removed, or the top removed, the submissive holds her hand over it, and then places it down over her pussy. Her pussy would need to be covered with something to attract the f…..s, or make them aggravated to flutter around and cause the sensation, though with a…….s it would be better to use a speculum or something similar to make them crawl inside (I’m surprised you haven’t thought of this already QS! ;) ) and then the creepy tickling sensation causes the sub the pleasure/creepy feeling….though obviously itching/biting a…..s would be interesting…don’t forget as well QS (especially if you do end up being subjected to wasp play) that jars are perfect shape for being placed over the breasts, giving the i…..s inside free reign to crawl, tickle, bite your tits and nipples….

  8. how are you going to do that? I think it’s very hard to do that. First of all to gather the flies, then to let them go on your pussy and then to keep them there.

    Secondly I don’t think you would feel it a lot, nor pleasure nor pain.

    Personally I would think the ant or wasp idea has more chance of succes

  9. i have a fantasy and you are my girl!!!! maybe you could do a video with flies around your pussy.That would be extremely hot for me .ty

    1. My or an other girls’s pussy covered by flies has been in my secret fantasy for a while too. It would be great if we could make a video about that.

      1. I think you could make a very good humiliation movie with flies that might be intriguing. You could be forced to roll around in and masturbate with nasty garbage such as rotting fish or chicken that would automatically attract flies. The scene might end up satsfying some vomit fetish fans if you were to throw up on yourself from the smell. To introduce some pain, you could combine this with the pussy full of thumbtacks idea from before. Not sure that this kind of degrading scene would excite you but it’s a good way to get the flies to join in:)

      2. Black flies would be both bloody and painful. So would deer flies or horse flies. Deer flies bite really hard.

      3. Just looked up horse flies. Sounds like an ideal fly for you. serrated mandibles and very painful. They bite with a ripping tearing bite. Hmmm….

  10. Wow, Everytime I think THIS is a fantasie that she probably finds a bridge to far, she does it..

    Playing with ants is extremely sexy.

    However, I wonder whether Queensnake dares to put a handfull of living ants in her lovely vagina with a speculum. I don’t think they can crawl into the uterus, and even then, easy to take them out again..

    can’t wait!

  11. Hi Queensnake,

    I wonder what happened to Nazriana!
    I loved the movies with her.
    Kind regards,


  12. Queensnake, I’ve just watched Floraia and I’ve never seen such an erotic way of covering a woman’s pussy and tits. Stapling rose buds to your breasts was fantastic.
    In an earlier post six inch nails into your breasts was suggested and you demured saying you’d need bigger tits. Yours are perfect, like Marie Antoinette upon whose breasts the champagne glass was said to be moulded.
    I must also agree with Frits – the sight of a skewer right through your breast would look so sexy. I have seen one woman doing this in a film clip. You could use a surgical, long needle. Or, in respect of your aversion to needles, you could use a meat skewer; harder, slower and I feel for you more fun.
    By the way, here in Australia we have Bullants. They are an inch long and quite angry. Easy to pick off afterwards though. In northern Australia there are ant nests the size and shape of the rock you masturbated against in Turbines.
    Come visit us.

    1. Floralia is one of my favorites, although I almost gave it up when I stapled the first rose onto my buttocks because the pain was way too intense, it was much harder to do it for myself anyway but finally I got used to the pain and it was easier and easier to do, I got into a kind of pain ecstasy and an other dimension. I love that feeling.
      You are so nice, thanks for your beautiful compliments. I like my small tits :) and would never let them filled with silicon for anybody’s sake :D. I need to find a maso girl with big breasts to skewer them and nail them. Unfortunately skewering isn’t working for me because there aren’t enough fat tissues in my tits, they are too muscular. I am not sure that piercing muscles with those thick and long stick would be safe, although by avoiding muscles somehow it could be done. I am excited about how it would feel so I will try to do it, close to my nipples at first.
      Wow, I’ve just checked bull ants on the net, they look really scary, so do those ant nests you mentioned. I am leaving to Australia just right now :D.

      1. I also love your tits! They are perfect – please do not ruin them with silicon.
        Speaking of silicon though, have you considered saline injections? You can do that for tits, labia and other interesting areas :) It is a temporary enlargement, much like pumping, and lots of fun because it increases the sensitivity.

      2. Wow, those bullants are wicked! They love honey too:). Are you really taking an ant quest to the outback? You are such a dedicated pain toy! Btw loved Bait 3.

  13. Hi everybody!

    Queensnake, you did a lot withe needles i know. I saw those movies!
    Great movies too but…..
    Why not pick a very large and thick needle and stick through your breast?
    I mean put needle in under your breast, close to your body, and let it come out on top of your breast. So, fully through!! Seems kinky to me!!
    By the way, i love your work!! Its great!!
    Kind regards from The Netherlands,


  14. I don’t know what kind of ants you have where you live, but in the tropics there are small red ants that are not dangerous at all, but have a really nasty bite. A few of those on your clit would be very interesting, without much risk. I’d be careful with the big ones. Try it on the back of your hand or arm first. The photos are great, even if nothing painful happened. Thank you.

  15. Careful you get the right ant first, that looked like a type of wood ant (which are generally harmless) but some ants bite then spray formic acid, or can induce anaphylactic shock. let one bite a cloth and see if it sprays or leaves a spot of venom. I know you enjoy the pain but I would hate to hear you had a bad reaction :P

    1. I agree that nobody wants Queensnake to have a dangerous allergic reaction. She’ll need to do another test run but with an actual bite to make sure she doesn’t have an abnormal reaction. She may also want to take some benadryl as another precaution prior to the shoot. With those precautions taken, let the angry ants take their vengeance out on her sweet, deserving pussy:)

  16. hey I love your work.What about stinging insect on your clit? also do you do catheter play, watching you spread wide while tied and then a catheter w hot pepper sauce in your bladdder might be fun

  17. Hi Queensnake if your looking for a warmer climate to go on a vacation too Australia would be a perfect place to go looking for some ants. There are plenty of them around this time of year

  18. Ants in Europe will be find in spring and summer. So we all have to wait a couple of months to hear and see you overcome your fear hehehe. Meanwhile your pictures are all we have lol

  19. Yeah, I have already thought of it. :) Anyway I had a new and exciting pain experience a couple of weeks ago that was recorded, I will tell you about in my next post ;).

    1. you must look up horse flies….I believe that their nasty bites when the tear and rip when they bite would be perfect. Perhaps three or four of them in a clear plastic cuntainer…and a little sugar water to entice them….painfull…but very hot.

  20. Maybe it’s time for a vacation to a warmer climate for this shoot:). What other amazing adventures are you planing?

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