I Had A Dream

We were walking in a forest with him and her and found an anthill. I got frightened and excited at the same time, my pussy was throbbing and getting wet as I pictured myself naked and tied up to the anthill.

Suddenly I realized that it was not just a kinky fantasy, she caught me, pushed me down to the ground and tore my cloths off, took my hair and pulled me to that frightening hill. She took a double dildo and stuck it into the middle of the anthill, then smeared it with honey, my pussy got honey as well. I was forced to kneel above the dildo being my thighs apart, my hip was letting down slowly until the sweet dildo was pushed into my pussy and my crotch hit the ground of the anthill. She stuck two stakes into the ground behind me then attached my wrists and ankles. I was completely defensless and there was no chance to get free.

The intruder made the ants angry and they started to came up to take revenge. As the ants found my pussy and bit it I screamed in pain. She laughed at me and plugged my mouth up with my dirty shoe. I tried to get free and was writhing in fear and pain and moaning. She wanted to see more and more ants on my pussy so she ordered me to ride the dildo to make the ants more and more angry. She wasn’t satisfied enough and took a stick and stirred up the anthill. My pussy was getting turned black as more and and more ants were teeming on. My pussy was aching and burning so much that I was crying.

When my pussy was completely covered by ants, she took my shoe out of my mouth, thrust her butts into my face and ordered me to lick her asshole and pump my tongue in and out of her anus while she was rubbing her swollen clit until her smashing orgasm. Then she peed all over my face and in my open mouth. My master finished my humiliation, he also peed on my face and then I had to clean her cock with my mouth and suck it until he cummed.

And I woke up :(

My pussy was dripping wet and I was incredibly aroused, he fucked me but did not allow me to have orgasm so I was aroused and so kinky all day, my thoughts were always around my pussy covered with ants :).

Ohhh actually I feel my juices running down my thighs as I am writing about my dream.

So I think, you guys definitely can affect me ;), maybe first I wasn’t enthusiastic enough about the ants but the more I’ve been thinking of it, the more I want it and I can’t wait to try it in real. We are leaving for a trip now to find an anthill ;).

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  1. Since I watch your videos, I am impressed with your performance, especially with a…s. In one of your videos, you’re on a tree trunk and a multitude of i…..s are around you. So I would have to submit you an idea. Why not f…y? I know it will not be very painful, but the idea of seeing you attached, sex and legs spread open my tent. Your vagina is held open and attract f….s a lotion that would arise on your sex and traveled everywhere and especially in your pussy. What do you think? Would you be willing to try it?

  2. Any plans to take an erotic tropical anthill vacation or will we have to wait until spring for this fantasy to materialize in a vid?

    1. Hehe, it seems that we can’t go to a tropical vacation this winter so you have to wait until spring.

  3. Uauu, really nice dreams :) They remind me of one of my experiences and since I can see here a lot of Mother Nature`s friends, I am going to share it with you :)
    A few years ago my sub-girlfriend and I went for a walk in the woods and found a similar anthill you are talking about. We (or better I ) didn`t have any bdsm activities in plan, but the idea that comes to my mind was so strong , I have to realise it. I have stirred the hill with the stick to make ants more vivaciuos, told herr to strip and sit on the top of the hill. She hasetated only for a moment and then obeyed. In no time her butt and tender felsh between her legs were black from ants and i can literlally smell the formic acid from a distance. She started wiggling and after a few minutes I let her stand up and help her to orgasm with nice fisting. There were the same kind of ants as you have in your picture, black and a little bigger.
    They used to bite, but not to leave the flesh, they remain attached to the body, so later we have to remove one by one from her.
    I liked it (and so didi she) and later I wanted to upgrade the session , wrapping her in saran , leaving out only her cunt and let the ants concentrate only on this part of her body or even inserting into her vagina a tube, openning the ants access to her interior, but have never realised this.
    However , if you are a pain addict, you should try this session with small, red fire ants, they don`t have hills, but they make a tunnels under the ground. They can sting really nasty.
    I have also tried to apply some sea anemonas, which can sting quite nasty, beyond the pleasure and the swelling remains for days, so I don`t recommend them :)

    But there is a nice litlle game you can play with beatle, bug (don` know exactly the term) .
    You can find quite big exeplares in the woods. I used to close them between labia maiora , closing them with power tape or sewing them together. You can see the labia moving, when it is crowling under them, a nice view too :)
    Than we went in the city, on the drink or two…
    The bug tries to free itself, and starts crawling inside closed lips, but its legs are full of tiny , sharp claws and hooks, which are pushed into the tender tissue of her lips, causing her to utter sudden cries. It is interesting to observe the reaction of the company at drink to her occasional (since the bug sometimes takes a rest and then suddenly starts again) wrigling and moand and subdued cries, not knowing what is the reason for such behaviour.
    In an hour or so, after releasing it (and her :) , you can see, that it can cause quite bloody mass down there. Some of them might also bite, but this is rare.
    Well, that is it, sorry for annoying you all, but I couldn`t resist :)
    Regards to all

  4. omg that is absolutly amazing id love to see that. your pussy covered in ants is such a great image. mabey the best ever please do this!!!!

  5. amazing stuff..my wife and I found your site accidently and now it’s the only one we go to. I personally love the ant idea and the tackrider videos…look forward to your next endeavor

  6. Now that’s a hot dream. I’m sure the reality will be every bit as exciting for you… and for us, of course.

  7. Speechless………I love that you had that dream and absolutely can’t wait to see you act on your new shared fantasy:).

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