The Bait II

After the painful part I almost wished having a bath together with a dozen of leeches :).  I was laying in the bath, my arms were bound behind me by leather belts and the fishing-lines were attached to my toes to stretch my pussy lips. As the cold water filled the bath, I was shivering. Then my master put a plastic, see-through box on the water.

There were 12 leeches on this boat and as they were sailing in the bath, their boat started to fill up with water and sink slowly. I think they really enjoyed being shipwrecked :). They find their way to my body easily and started to crawl and explore the “island”.  It wasn’t so scary as I expected and mainly there wasn’t any pain.

When the speculum was inserted and stretched my vagina open, I was getting frightened. My master took 3 leeches and threw them in. I felt the cold of the leeches’ body and as they were moving deep inside me. It was a weird feeling and I was afraid that one of them discover the enter of my cervix and crawl into my uterus. It was a stupid fear anyway because they were too big to go through.

I think I fulfilled those people’s wishes who voted on putting worms into my pussy :), at least it was a good first experience for me with worms.

Actually it was very exciting as the leeches was crawling on my body and moving inside my vagina. I was ordered to cum while they are on and in me, it was easy to obey ;). Actually I was cumming continuously, the speculum together with the leeches was shooting out at the first orgasm and then I was squirting and squirting. While I was cumming I thought of you guys as you are watching my dirty body covered by worms and jerking off and pissing on me. I love that humiliating feeling.

After recovering myself, one more  job was waiting for me – I had to remove the hooks. I sat back on my “throne” and my master gave me nippers to cut the hooks. I was so awkward, I wasn’t able to cut the hook but I tried it with my full force :). It was very funny, I am a clumsy “handywoman”. Finally my master helped me out and cut the hooks. Pulling the hooks out was easy and wasn’t as painful as I was afraid of it before.

I would never harm any animal, so the day after our action we released the leeches. We found a real paradise for them: beautiful small lake full of other insects and worms, rounded with a vivid vegetation and joined to an even smaller rivulet. I let them live free :).

I hope you will enjoy both the painful and the leech part of my torture.  For me BDSM is not just about pain but about humiliation (not only with words but with acts) as well. What about you?

Have you ever tried the fishing hook piercing on yourselves or on your sub? I am curious about your experiences.

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  1. Woooooow! Leeches! Inside such a blood-vessel-rich place! This is craaaazyyyyy! I love it! I want to try that!!!

  2. I loved everyone of these clips although I think that if you let the leeches squirm around your cervix you would have an earth shattering orgasm.It is always so when I finger my wife and I trace around her cervix with the tips of my fingers.

  3. Queensnake, I am in love with you! I would hurt you so bad and love you soo good. I’ve always wanted a sub just like you that can take what I can dish out , but they are few and far between. would love to put that fish hook straight down through your clit and punish your sweet nipples until you explode. Then after lick all the blood off of you and tenderly make love to you to show you a master can have some compassion before we start all over again. There are leeches that are huge and are bloodsuckers. I’ll see if I can find the species, but the ones I have seen like this are about 6 inches long. would love to attach one of those to your clit and put his body inside you so you can feel him swelling in your pussy as he drinks. Also I’d love to see you doing some real damage to your pee hole. stainless steel rods to stretch it out would be nice and of course catheters are a real pleasure if you insert them with a good abbrasive or hot sauce. Your video sealed with a kiss has made me come a hundred times already. Seeing you walk in the park like that and pulling out the staples just really turned me on. I just wanted to lick the blood off of you and drink that beautiful golden fluid out of you after she pulled them out.

  4. Truly enjoyed the Bait clips. For future consideration, if any other leech experience is planned, suggest that while soaking in a tub with water, the vagina be kept open somehow, to allow the leeches to swim in on their own. Unless the number of leeches in the tub in increased from what was used in the Bait clips, the odds would be low that any would swim in on their own but sometimes, just the thought that they can is erotic enough to satisfy the curious. :) In the bait, although the fish hooks did stretch the lips out, it wasn’t pulled tight enough to open up enough, to allow the leeches to swim in. I did find that one the water was removed, the leeches didn’t move much and honestly, it’s their movement, the fact that they can go where they want and latch on where they want that is erotic. With no water, it wasn’t as exciting. Not saying I didn’t enjoy, just pointing out what I found exciting and what I did not. I did enjoy the speculum section as they were moving around. Along the same lines, if you ever plan to release an “ant” clip, again, the fact that they would be allowed to “walk” in is a lot more erotic than just throwing them in, using a speculum to allow viewing. I recall seeing a similiar clip with earth worms and it was the part where the worms would crawl out of the vagina on their own that most erotic. Again…truly enjoyed The Bait thank you.

  5. Why isn’t the movie with the leeches available here as a streaming movie? Considering I just joined mostly because I saw this “bait” clip advertised on the clips4sale site and it did say, all your movies were available on your site. I felt it may be better to join the site than to just buy 1 clip. To my disappointment and it’s not even available to your members.

  6. Hi Queensnake,

    > enter of my cervix and crawl into my uterus

    I wondered if you have a contraceptive diaphragm? If you fitted that before introducing leeches or ants, it would prevent them from entering your cervix as it can prevent something as small as sperm entering – provided it is properly sized and fitted of course.

    What I’d love to see is you spread with a speculum, and then putting 5 hungry leeches in your pussy. Once they all start feeding, I’d like to see you swat over a bowl of water, having your tits flogged until you’ve satisfied each leech, letting them drop off (safely) into the bowl below, ready for release.


  7. hey would love to see a video of you playing with ants. or other smal quick moving a…..s. maybe a little honey to entice them. let them crawl everywher. on your breast on your vagina inside it.on your ass and legs. youll need hundreds of them maybe thousands.

  8. I would love to see you do a movie (color and sound), nude and shaved. You lie down on table, couch, etc with a white sheet covering it. A nice, average sized leech is applied directly to your clit, it attaches and begins to suck. It is allowed to feed until it falls off. and another is applied, for as long as you can take it.
    Another movie would be basically the same except using mosquitoes and/or bed bugs to feed on your clit.
    Nice to see you do a movie (all with color and sound), inserting a mouse or gerbil inside your pussy and letting it run around.
    Also wonder, how large is the biggest earthworm you can find to play with and how many of the huge ones can you fit inside to “play”?

  9. You’re willingness to please is amazing. I was thinking about the wasp, and while it would be a huge turn on, that perhaps exposure in the same way to a jar filled with deer-flies would be more random, and potentially more painful, as they tend to swarm if given a bit of blood as an appetizer. Breathing hard just thinking about it….for your consideration….

  10. Hi Queensnake, i really like the stile of your movies, which are all kind of pretty extreme stuff, but always in a very erotic and esthetic way.

    I really like the idea of wasps used on your clit and nipples.

    How about where your clit is sucked in by vaccuum with the wasp fixated on the ceiling.
    And while your clit is swelling and getting more and more sensitive it draws nearer to the angry wasp still it inevitably stings you.

    Alternative you sit in a chair legs spread, but not bound.
    You pull your pussylips apart and present your vulnerable clit to your master who holds the wasp in a pair of tweezers, maybe forcing you to orgasm, while you know he will punish you for that with a sting of the wasp.

    This both fantasies are a big turnon for me and i hope you like it too.

    1. Hi Dan,

      Your fantasies sound super exciting, just reading them turned me on :). I would try something like your fantasy.

  11. Yes it does, but this was for the first time. I also like pusjing the needles slow, specially through the center of the nippes and at the same time watching her eyes. It is the whole story running there :)
    100 needles is a content of one box, then we run out of them. But yes, the view was very impressive :)
    But the pins are pritty more painfull as injection needle.
    Unfortunatelly english is not my native language, so my writings are clumsy and not very good to read, but I think you get the point :)

  12. Hi Queensnake

    I have tried fish hooks first on myself and then on my sub , exactly the same size as yours.
    Most of the “treatments” i first test on me , so I am familiar with her feelings when i applie them on her. I like to play with needles , nails, hooks atc…
    When we tried the hooks for the first time, she was blindfolded (but I show her the hooks before) , with tied hands and wide spread legs. Before inserting the hooks I injected some physiological solution ( salted water) in her lips and when i prepare to insert the hooks , her legs start trambling from fear. Nevertheless she was quiet and let me do, what I have in mind. I hold her hand for a while, then put a piece of cork on one side of the labia majora and push the hook from other side.
    It was fast and nice :) She smiled and tell me that she hardly even noticed the pain . We repeted the procedure on the other side and spread the lips wide open with wire. After this i inserted one box of needles (100 pieces) in her vagina and surroundings ( was hard to find a free spot) , untie her legs and tell her to push the tighs together, pushing the needles from one side to oposite side . Her orgasm was so intense , I lost her for a while. After returning, she starts emitting voices without meaning …. I want some more :)

    1. Nice story :). The cork obviously make it easier. When I pierced my nipples with pins the other day, I also used it although I pierced the pins very slowly to feel more pain. 100 needles?! Wish I could have seen that special “hedgehog”! ;)

  13. How about putting objects in your cervix like pens, ants, fingers, nettles and then exercising with the pen or straw in your cervix?

  14. I totally understand about the harm to insects issue. I hope that you can do something interesting with insects (and worms and the like) without harming any of them!

  15. Paolo, Queensnake, see my post under “poll results”.

    I think a wasp is the ultimate form of pain, but maybe that’s to much pain.

  16. Hello Queensnake,

    If you can still find a jarr full of angry wasps ans put it over your cunt, opened by fish hooks.
    if you have first shaken the jarr wasp are ready to bite you. the films shovwng that and also you cunt after 24h will be great. You can also include some other disiplin to you swollen cunt lips and holes making the story in 3 episodes. it might include waxing inside you cunt? also you might have speculum to let wasps bite you vagina? also give to wasps possibility to bite your clit by using labtube with wasp.. Plenty of pain and swollen genital


    IDEA 1.

  18. Hi QueenSnake,
    even if I’m not amateur of this kind of stuff (bdsm, torture or else), I have to admit it’s interesting & brave from you to share you’re stuff with us =)

    I don’t really understand why you love hurting you (& your lovely body) so much but your strange insertions titillates me a little (ouuuh, j’ai honte ;) )

    your gyneco has to ask himslef quite a lot of question about what you’re doing to your cunt, lol.

    I like the last video ’cause I found the leeches sooo cute x’D
    I never saw any of them before. Quite interesting.

    I really can’t wait to watch the last part.

    Just a thing, you said you were afraid that one of them try to go inside your womb but they were too big. If you look at the last video, you have to admit they are small enough & can be very thin. Plus they have a very soft and very flexible body. So I think if one of them had tried, he surely would have been able to go inside & you would have been in a very big & interesting trouble xD (Yep, crazy I am)

    Thanks again & take care of you =)

  19. Hi Coyote,
    “The Bait” movie has 3 parts. The 3rd part will be online in about 10 days.
    Big kiss ;)

    1. Hi QueenSnake,
      Just tried to buy some of your movies, but something wasn’t working. Says that I have to call a service number first :(

      1. Send me an e-mail to info[at] and tell me what happened exactly, I try to help you.

  20. I really don’t understand why it took me so long to find this amazing site!
    Cannot wait to see some leeches in your pussy QS – and it’s all clear without that japanese pixelation! Yay! :D
    Do you know when it will be online?

  21. The idea of using tarantulas is not new and has been used several times harmlessly, it depends which ones you use (spiders), on fear factor they use it, however be careful with any allergic reaction the tarantulas venom is not poisonous.

    There are some insects that you can breath in their fibers , however as for maggots, roaches, worms, and ant hillsthat isn’t the issue.

    Have not heard from the Queensnake, speaking of it through a few garden snakes all over your body, that was used also.

  22. Queensnake, I second your decision not to you use maggots, they can tickle and provide sensation to the worms and roaches and whatever else you use , one position you may want to try also but not only is your legs being in the fetal position as your thighs are facing up , in of the Japanese shows we get to see the toes wiggling in the air as knee is tied near the stomach. This will also help the insects not be harmed as they have room to groove around!
    You don’t have to do this alone (when I wrote that I wasn’t thinking of other females in a pen lol), but you can do an art farm on one set and roaches, maggots, and worms on other set.

    Slugs biting your breast maybe your idea of fun too, ants are useful as an ant hill can rush all over you, be careful of which ants you are using though as some of the more stinging ones can allergic reaction certain people, although an ant hill is tried and done and successful so its not dangerous at all if properly thought and being carried out.

    Also maybe in between the scene you can use a vibrator at random while a device such as a speculum is allowing the creeping crawlers into your vagina. Nightcrawlers and crickets are other homemade laboratory insects you can use.

  23. Queensnake……New idea…..not quite as good as the ants but could be almost as fun:). We’re all familiar with a slave forced to straddle a rope and walk across a room toward where the rope is anchored high on an opposite wall so that she must first tiptoe, then bear the pain of the rope deeper and deeper within her crotch as she nears the end of the rope. In a new scenario, you’d use barbed wire instead of rope and would be encouraged “up” the wire with the cattle prod…..what do you think?

    1. Good idea! :) My master likes it too. Also, he would make it harder by connecting the magic wand to the wire so it would be prickly and “electroshocking” at the same time. Evil game but it makes me horny just thinking of it ;).
      I love playing games, so the pain contest is one of my favorites. I can’t decide what I would enjoy more, being a winner or a looser :D.

      1. Contest ideas are endless:): 1) Pussy fishing hook or nipple hook tug of war, 2) Who can fit the most thumbtacks in her pussy, 3) Who can take being pussy rubbed with sandpaper the longest (my favorite) 4) Pussy dartboard, 5) Who can get the furthest on the barbed wire scenario described earlier (would need to adjust for height to make it fair). This is fun:)

  24. Hi Queensnake i thinking on use hooks into my pussy , but i fear it must pain like hell, but you are brave Queensnake you try it…

    1. Hi Jane,
      Use sharper and barbless hooks as one of the guys here suggested (see my previous blog entry), hopefully it will be not so painful as my hook torture was.
      I wish you a lot of courage ;).

  25. Amazing stuff – But leeches aren’t maggots and we voted for maggots! ;-)

    I still think you should try fly maggots – I think you would be surprised by just how abrasive they can be as they scour your skin for something to consume – it was enough to give me a rash when I had four pints of the things crawling all over me. The humiliation of being left as worm food and covered in something typically associated with decay is an added bonus.

  26. Both of the green hot pepper/ hot sauce vids are outstanding. I’d love to see more…..maybe you could work that crazy hot cream into a bdsm and exercise vid where you lather your pussy and asshole with it then work out?

  27. Ok, thats true..This kind of games are not for pain.

    By the way, i like the green pepper vid:)
    Have you ever tried , to fill in a realy hot sauce? Tabasco has only 2500 scoville.
    I mean a realy hot sauce:) (500.000 scoville or more), or is it to dangerous?

    1. The hot chilli I used last time in the “Catprod” movie had 100.000 scoville units (TRS Extra Hot Chilli). But I found a very brutal rheuma cream (Inno Rheuma Forte). 100 g contains 0,27 g of extract of Chillies oleoresin with a 25% capsaicine content (it is said that 1 % capsaicin = 150.000 Scoville units). I wanna try it on my pussy, it will burn like fire ;).

      1. Wow, that sounds interesting:)The hottest sauce, i have tried by a girl, has 800.000 scoville…but it was a little accident:) i wanted only insert the bottle, but at the cover plate was a little rest of the sauce;) She said, it burns like fire for more than 10 minutes. it must be harder, if you use more of them:) The mere thought of it, makes me horny.
        An open pussy , streched by needles and (perhaps) nails, and than some of your rheuma cream or hot sauce:)
        Or an other idea:a little contest:) you and an girlfriend insert a long metal rod, and put the other side on an cooktop or a other hot source.
        The metal rod are slowly hotter and hotter…who can hold it longer in pussy:)

        1. I really like Tim’s idea about having a pain contest. The winner could be rewarded with being allowed to cum while the loser would be forced to endure an even harsher punishment than the original game… that something you’d like to try Queensnake?

  28. Hello Liang
    I know this site, and i have seen all Genki and genten vids, and some scenes a realy nice..i like the insertion scenes of cockroaches,sikworms, worms, maggots and other little insects but it is disgusting for me, that they realy tortured and killed the creatures (frogs , fish and others). there are scenes, where the actors cutting up the legs of frogs with an sidecutter, or putting fishes in a mixer, and crushed them…its horrible…
    Queensnake said, that she never harm any animals, and i think so too.

    Queensnake, is it possible for you, to insert some cockroaches?? that would be nice:)

    i am corious about the vids with maggots or thumbtacks.

    Sorry for bad english.

    1. I agree with Tim, there are some exciting genki vids but I could never let any kind of animals be hurt for pleasure. Anyway maybe I am not the right person for that kind of play because I am not really frightened when I see any kind of insects or worms crawling on me and the only exciting thing in that games beyond the spectacle is the fear and the scream of the girls. Cockroaches?! I guess that I would worry about them rather than being frightened, hehe.

      1. I agree, leave the pain for the Queen instead of hurting the critters. Queensnake, what have you tried or would like to try that was or is near your humiliation limits?

        1. I’ve already tried the human toilet play, it is the most humiliating thing (I think not just for me ;) and almost above my limits. But being just an object used for anything by men and women is also very humiliating. Recently in my fantasy I am tied down in the mud, my arms and legs are spread and girls are kicking my pussy, throwing mud on me, spitting on my face, foot fisting my pussy with mud and finally peeing on my face and into my open mouth.
          What kind of humiliation did you mean anyway? ;)

          1. That’s a great answer and a really hot fantasy with you in the mud:). I’d like to see you get “cunt busted” hard by some of the girls you’ve tortured before as revenge….I could see how that would be painfully humiliating being a very strong woman and taking a beating to your degraded pussy….thanks!

          2. I love your answer, if we are lucky you may make a video of this for us.
            Do you plan on making pussy kicking and kneeing video. Perhaps 3 woman, the receiver would change each time with two woman kicking or kneeing one. That would be hot. There is a spinet I saw once on the net, looked like 3 ladies in a basment den, and recorded by a guy, one was tied to a post and the other two took turns kicking her pussy rather harshly, sge seemed to enjoy it and kept pushing her pussy out for the next kick.

          3. It sounds exciting indeed, I guess, I would love to be the victim or one of the kickers as well.

  29. I recently discovered your site and I am very, very impressed with such a lovely and adventurous lady. The ant idea (and other creepy crawling critters) would be awesome. From your blog, you mentioned that your master showed you a video of a japanese woman in a box with leaches. Have you or he ever checked out the genki videos? They are very extreme, but more specific. Perhaps you could do similar insects or little sea creatures (maybe those baby live octopus that are a delicacy in Korea?)

  30. Please try also with hot wax poured to the tart. It had to Ohh in order to be something. Worms in the pussy, also curiously. Of greeting for you.

  31. Queensnake, perhaps you should also try a mix of roaches on your body, maggots, and worms, night crawlers, crickets if you want at the same time, you can check the lab for samples that don’t have the disease that can come into the wild. It should be both standing up and both tied to the ground in face up position with legs spread.

    I noticed that a vibrator was not used on you during the leeches perhaps an on and off orgasm while being bound although not all the time would be interesting. This is not new and it is safe, many reality shows such as a fear factor have scenes where girls are tied down and have worms, maggots, roaches, even a couple of properly handled rats and snakes crawling all over them. Sometimes they are divided in sections to prevent crawling over, other times no, spiders are even added to the mix, the difference is that they are not nude and its not in their vagina.

    You should learn from that, and not all leeches are bloodsuckers

  32. Hi queensnake. Not all species of leeches are bloodsuckers. If you want to find some of those just take a plastic bottle, cut it in half, put a piece of liver in the bottom part and put the top part upside down in the bottom. Tape them together drop it in a pool or pond. after a day or so pull it up and now you have some bloodlovers ;)
    Love your adventure!

  33. Lol…..I suppose I am passionate about the ants:). You have to admit it’s a great idea that has never been done before on camera. Btw your arms have been looking awesome in your pics and vids….,you should really try a vid mixing bdsm with one of your workouts. You could fill your pussy with tacks then do jumping jacks until they all fall out:). Have a great weekend!

  34. What an adventure! I like that you’re passionate about not harming the leeches and found them a great place to relocate (although I’m sure they already miss your pussy). Did any of them actually bite and feed or did you cum too quickly? Now that you’ve tackled the worms, you’re ready for the biting insects……I bet there’s a great anthill near the leeches’ new condo:)

  35. Love you guys! I have a bunch of hyper-kinky virtual master now :D.

    Brody, I like that you are absolutely passionate about making me sit on an anthill :P.
    Poor leeches must have left my pussy too suddenly so they had no time to taste my blood. Anyway there were only some lonely ants near the leeches’ paradise :( but we still keep on searching ;).

  36. Queen you are awesome. I would love to see more movies done with fish hooks. How is the search for the ant hill coming? I can’t wait for that one or the insertion of thumb tacs, etc. Keep up the good work! Have you ever thought of being tied to a swing with legs spread wide open in front of you, and tits exposed and have your master swing you into a Nettle jungle frontwards than backwards, so your ass enjoys it as well? Just a thought!

  37. This is an amazing story, I can’t wait to see the video of it.
    QueenSnake, your insights behind the story and your feelings add so much, I can tell you that whatever you thought about the guys watching you is true  it’s not a fantasy on that part…
    Keep it up, we love you… and the lucky worms…

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