The Bait I

When my master showed me a video of a japan girl laying in a plexi box and being covered with insects and then her opened pussy was filled with worms, I was surprised at my own reaction, I was aroused and turned on watching her agony. It wasn’t about the pain but it was so humiliating and bizarre that I wished I was her.

The leeches are also worms and my master had planned to use them on my body or maybe inside my pussy for a very long time. Since you guys also were enthusiastic about leeches, my master ordered me to get them.

I must mention that he has already tried to catch some leeches in our natural waters using me as a bait but no success so far. I realized that my only chance to get some leeches was the fishing stores. Finally I found the right place and the right leeches. I was so excited and frightened, I had read a lot about leech bite so I learned that it isn’t painful moreover it is healthy but I had no idea what happens if they go into my pussy. My master insisted on putting leeches in and he wanted me to offer them my opened pussy. I liked Brody’s idea about fishing hooks so he decided to pierce my outer labias with the hooks to open them up. I was so frightened that I almost forgot the leeches. I have never tried fishing hooks before and I suspected that they caused more intense pain than pins or needles.

Leeches’ feeding time arrived on Friday night. I was tied up in a wide-spread leg position, I felt myself like a real queen sitting in her throne and showing her opened pussy to everybody ;). My master prepared six fishing hooks, sterilized them and bound fishing-lines on their ends. He wanted to pierce my labia inlaying the hook and then pulling it slowly by the fishing-lines. I expected a hard and long agony and finally I got it.

He started with a 8 minutes constant pussy whipping as a warming up play. Then he started to attach the bait to the hook. I felt as the sharp hook pierced my skin as he pulled the fishing-lines but the hook did not go through. He realized that his first plan did not work so he took the hook in his hands and pushed it through my labia with a strong force. The pain was extremely intense because the hook went through my labia very very slowly. Actually I saw in my master’s surprised look that he himself didn’t expect that it would be so difficult.

After the first tough piercing process I thought of the other 5 hooks and I didn’t believe in being able to tolerate such a big amount of intense pain. When he started to pierce the second hook I felt a never ending pain, I didn’t see what happened but I was really afraid of tearing my labia off. When the pain was over I realized that he wasn’t able to pierce the hook through and pulled it out. I was shocked, he took an other hook and started to push it through. It went through very slowly again, I was writhing in pain. When the second hook was in, I was hoping that my master realized that more hook piercings would be way too hard for me and yeah, he stopped and I was relieved and I told myself – never again, there ain’t no way I let him pierce my labia with hooks again (just a remark – already one day later I said I wanted it again, hehe).

Then he tied the fishing-lines up to my toes and my pussy was stretched out. I suspected that he wanted to take advantage of my exposed position. Yeah, I was right, he took the cattle prod and started to prod my legs and my pussy making me drag the fishing-lines, it was cruel, if I moved my legs, the hooks were pulled and caused an extra pain. Luckily it didn’t last too long, he didn’t want me to pass out because the leeches were waiting for their bait.

Next time I will continue my story with those disgusting and amazing worms ;).

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  1. it does not matter how much it hurt to have your pussy lips piersed. i enjoied the way you tensed your muscle

  2. Why you not try to put some baby eels in that lovely vagina of yours. I am sure many people will like it. Or even a bigger sized eel, like 30-40cm.

  3. I’m a new member and I just want to tell you Queensnake that you are amazing. Just watching the bait now fabulous sexy cum inducing. Thank you for this and all the other films. would love to correspond with you more. Joe funlover

  4. The pussy whipping is terrific.

    You should think about doing more and more severe pussy whipping with a variety of kinds of whips. Singletails are very good as are heavy floggers. And it can be done for much longer so the pussy and clit are really swollen.

  5. Une fille comme Queensnake c’est exceptionnel… Quel voltage produit votre bâton électrique ?? ou l’avais vous trouver . Pour ma part j’ai bricolé un système similaire avec une raquette électrique (tue mouche)

  6. I had fishhooks put through my foreskin . They were attached to a sewing circle so the foreskin could be pulled wide open. She had to cut the fishhooks off because the barbs were tearing my foreskin. I loved it. It seems you did to. I would love to see you do it again.

  7. One more thing, I actually would prefer a mouth to be open or at least gagged such as a spider or tube gag during any insect play to hear certain noises to let out emotions or not gagged at all.

  8. I liked the fact that you began with a pussy whipping to sensitize your labia. You are wonderfully creative in your suffering, but few things are as sensual as an old-fashioned whipping.

    I think Whipping in the Forest is my favorite of your exploits. Four Whips is not bad either. Your perfect body is even sexier criss-crossed by welts.

    No matter what else you do to your body, it never hurts (us at least) to start with a foundation of burning welts on your flesh.

  9. And what about something like that: you sit in your throne with all hooks tied by fishing line to your toes, but also, with some pushpins stucked in your ass, what cause extra pain everytime you move. And in such a position having fun with a dildo covered by some nettles

    1. Just find a nice girl and alter her to your liking :). IMO every girl/woman is masochistic, you can bring it out with patience and steadiness. I myself am formed by my master and I am grateful to him to guide me…

  10. Amazing! I’m honored that you used the fish hook idea……you look beautiful in that position and tying the hooks to your feet was perfect! Can’t wait for feeding time:). Was your attempted outdoor excursion the ant quest? I saw a perfect hill today and thought of you sitting on it:). Thanks!

  11. Use Gamakatsu hooks, they are as sharp as a needle, and there are barbless types so you don’t have to pinch down the barb. Also there are sharpening stones at fishing stores made especially for hooks, might make it a little bit easier.

    1. Bassman, went to the Gamakatsu EU site, but not being a fisherman I don’t understand the sizes – what would be a good size and type for labial or nipple piercings for my own girls? And any idea if any of the metals used are toxic? Any advice much appreciated.

    1. I love animals, so I was very careful with the leeches not to harm them and I have already released them of course. You’ll see in the next part of the story.
      We planned an outdoor action this morning but finally we had to postpone it :(

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