Brushing Machine



When I bought the fucking machine my first thought was that I would replace the dildo with a toilet brush. I was very curious how it would feel and how painful it would be but I have to admit that I also had doubts that I could do it. Finally I did it as you can see.
It was even more painful than I thought. On the one hand it was difficult to find the right angle of the brush to go inside, on the other hand the more the brush moved inside my pussy the more pain and blood I had. It is not a coincidence that we used a pink toilet brush :) We had to stop many times to wash the blood out of my vagina and wash the blood off the brush because we cannot show any blood in our movies. But I can show it here.
We have already shot a similar movie with Tanita. See how bloody the black and white toilet brush and her pussy was before washing it off.



Ping Pong spanking

We shot a video with Diamond a few days ago. First I wanted her to be my pain slut and I started to spank her with a ping pong paddle but she gave up at the very beginning of the session  so the roles were reversed. She spanked me with full strength, she did not spare me lol, my butts turned black the next day. These are the 3-days marks.

Ping Pong