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Jessica backed out on our scheduled dressed cunt buster session for the second time in a row, leaving me as the replacement. I get why Jessica was scared – Nazryana is quite the mean whipper. She hit my pussy with such force that it almost split me open! And to make things worse, my clit was right in the path of the strikes, making it ten times swollen and sensitive by the end of the session. You might not know this, but I’m currently working on growing my clit with some T gel, which has made it not only bigger but also much more sensitive. That means pussy whippings are way more painful now than they used to be when my clit was tiny!


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  1. – QS and her friends give us another excellent pussy whipping movie. These great movies with the theme of strong pussy whipping (like those in the series “Cunt Duel”, “Cunt Busters”, “Three Minutes”, “Pussy Rulers”, “Pussy Thrasher”, “Bullwhipped Cunt”…) , have become one of the hallmarks of queensnake.com. In their movies, these fabulous women enjoy whipping their pussies until they turn their pain into pleasure and get horny like bitches in heat.
    – Nazryana’s performance here is excellent. She now uses the whip with much more force and quite sadism. Keep it up, Nazryana!
    – QS has a magnificent performance. She has a divine muscular body and always had a nice and hard pussy, but now (since applying the T gel) her pussy is much more beautiful, with more voluminous labia and a larger and more prominent clitoris. Now QS’s pussy is ideal for extremely hard whipping until she is about to burst and her pussy and clit swell to a gigantic size.
    ————————————————– ———–
    – Dear QS, try to convince your beautiful friends so that they also use the T gel on their pussies and clitorises. Holly and Jessica’s beautiful big pussy lips and clitoris will develop much more and their sizes will be spectacular and beautiful. It is true that, by increasing the sensitivity of the pussy, the whipping will be much more painful, but the pleasure will also increase much more. Abby, who is the most masochistic of all, will love being whipped when her pussy and clitoris are much more prominent after applying the T gel.
    – Would any of you dare to star in a new film from the series “Three Minutes” or “Splits” with your pussy and clitoris previously treated for months with the wonderful Tgel? It would be an extremely painful movie, but great!
    – I encourage you to continue producing films as special and wonderful as you have always done.
    Thanks to all of you.

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