Zipped – Jessica –

Watch Jessica disfigures her perfect bod for no good reason besides being an utter freak. She starts by tucking in those gorgeous tits and stapling them shut like some kind of deranged DIY surgeon. Because who needs nipples, amirite? Next, she gets all up in her own business down south. With sadistic glee, she staples her labia together, essentially stitching her outer folds into a permanent ‘closed for maintenance’ sign on her poor pussy. Her clit and inner bits are trapped, like the secret ingredients in a mummified burrito. Labia meet stapler, stapler crushes labia. What a waste of beautiful cunt! And then the pièce de résistance – she crams a vibe between her stitched-shut pussy and stapled clit, because why not add some pleasure to all that pain? When she finally climaxes, it’s like the ultimate middle finger to her own anatomy.

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