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It was finally Abby’s turn to be suspended by her pretty little panties! As a hardcore masochist, she loved nothing more than getting nailed and screwed, but these delicate thongs and knickers proved to be too much for her. Even though she’d been through some rough sessions in the past, this one was different – she found herself having to utter her safe word just to make it stop! The intensity of the pain caused by those innocent-looking textiles caught her completely off guard. In fact, she even tried to cheat during her agony, but Jessica was quick to catch on and discipline her with an electro zapper.


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  1. I have been a subscriber and you make the most amazing content. I hope you enjoy making it as much as I enjoy watching it! I am wondering if you going to do more of the clit piercing and also the tension tests? They were amazing videos. Queensnake and Jessica were a particular favourite especially when they masturbated while watching. As another thought, I see you have not done much unzipping yet, where you put lots of clothes pegs and put a cord underneath all of them and then pull the cord to take all the clothes pins off at once. Does that sound like something fun to do?

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