Cunt Duel – Holly vs Jessica –

Pussy whipping can be quite enjoyable, as proven by Holly and Jessica’s recent session. The girls took turns flogging each other’s pussies with a light flogger while in candle position. They divided the punishment into sets of ten strikes each, with the receiving partner having to count aloud. Holly struggled to keep track of her own strokes, leading to her receiving extra punishment. Holly also fears causing her partner pain, and thus holds back on her own strikes. Meanwhile, Jessica showed no mercy, delivering full-strength blows to Holly’s pussy. To add to the excitement, they engaged in some lesbian action, including pussy and ass licking, between each set of strikes. In the end, both of them were left trembling with pleasure from their intense orgasms.

2 Replies to “Cunt Duel – Holly vs Jessica –”

  1. -Another fabulous “Cunt Duel” between the beautiful and sadistic Jessica, and the impressive Holly, with her increasingly beautiful and muscular body. It is a delight to see how the two girls enjoy their pain and see how they gradually get horny with the whipping. In the end, the two girls end up with their pussies demolished by the whipping, but satisfied by the orgasms that both have achieved.
    -Only Queensnake and her spectacular girls know how to enjoy pain and get horny when their pussies are spanked.
    -The worst of this movie is in:
    1.- Holly’s excessive screaming (and also Jessica’s) is something negative, because she shows that they are not capable of self-control. Instead of screaming, all these girls should count, out loud, each one of the lashes they receive, as a sign of submission, self-control and stoical acceptance of the punishment.
    2.- The whips used are excessively soft and almost do not produce marks. These girls already have their pussies quite hardened and very used to the whip, and their pussies will be able to withstand strong blows from leather belts, or hardened leather whips.
    -Despite these small drawbacks, the film is excellent and Holly now hits better and much harder.

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