Cunt Busters – QS vs Abby

This is a twisted version of the Cunt Busters series where two girls brutally beat each other’s pussies with a flogger. Abby lashes mine viciously while I return the favor by lashing her’s just as hard. We both love the pain so much that we don’t stop at one stroke; instead, we give each other multiple strokes in succession until our pussies are red raw. In the end, we ruin each other’s orgasms by striking our crotches at the beginning of the climax.

2 Replies to “Cunt Busters – QS vs Abby”

  1. Two wonderful women,… whipping their pussies like crazy to get pain and pleasure in abundance and trying to cum by whipping!.
    Thank you for giving your fans a fabulous show. All of you are extraordinary and unique women! Never stop producing your exceptional whipping movies extremely hards.

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