Kickstarters – Holly vs QS –

I had a cruel mutual pussy kicking with Holly a week ago. We still have the bruises on our thighs and we never forget this session for sure. First we kicked each other’s pussy with a kickbox foot protector on. Then we took it to the next level by attaching a bunch of sharp and small hair clips on our pussies. Only having them on the lips and on the clit was so painful that we could hardly bear it, but the hell came when we started to kick it, we almost passed out of the pain. I totally lost control and screamed like a crazy, I feel ashamed for it. It was just too painful for me. When we removed the clips – which was also extremely painful, at least for me – we were shocked that one of those small clips just pierced into the flesh of my labia like a needle which was unexpected. It is funny that those small hair clips gave me so much pain. Anyway Holly was so cute, she wept because she felt pity for me seeing me so distressed.


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