Inversion Therapy – Holly –

Holly loves being suspended upside down, she always says it feels good for her spine. This time she found herself again in her favorite position and Jessica treated her with a very long and hard single tail whip using it on her whole body but focusing on her pussy. Jessica successfully made her weep by the end but then her mercifulness let Holly’s crying to turn into an orgasm.


2 Replies to “Inversion Therapy – Holly –”

  1. Many thanks to QS for this excellent movie! -Holly always had a beautiful body, but now she is even more attractive and more muscular. This is a perfect punishment position to whip Holly’s formidable and muscular body with all her muscles in tension. Holly has an ideal body to be whipped and it seems that her level of masochism is increasing, but she has a contradictory attitude of love-terror towards whips: it is obvious that she fears feeling the lashes of the whip on her body and therefore Fear covers her eyes with her hands… but it’s also clear that Holly loves being flogged and so Holly is always willing to come back for more whipping sessions. It could be said that Holly is a woman in love with the whip … although she continues to fear it.
    -Holly should be very proud of her great resistance to her pain and her love of the whip. And just like Abby, Holly and all of you should brag about your bodies covered in lash marks, since you are one of the few women who dares to challenge the whip, even knowing that the whip is invincible and that the whip will end up bursting your muscular and beautiful bodies.
    -Challenging the whip over and over again, and enjoying the whipping until orgasming is what makes you unique and extraordinary women. For this reason, Holly should receive the lashes without screaming and without covering her eyes with her hands, and as a sign of defiance and resistance to pain, she should count each lash received and, instead of screaming in panic, Holly should demand ( repeatedly and in a defiant tone of voice), that they give her the lashes with more force, and she must also demand that they whip her with the most hurtful whips and canes. It would be great if Holly’s next challenge was to endure at least 200 extreme spankings and reward her with orgasms as she receives more and more hurtful spankings.
    -Jessica has become the best dominatrix expert in whipping. Her beautiful smile, mocking and sadistic, and her merciless lashes, each time stronger and more precise, denote that the beautiful Jessica enjoys spanking her friends and causing them orgasms. Jessica is fabulous and has better and better performances.

    1. Dear Zorba, thank you for your comment. Holly’s pain tolerance is really getting higher and higher. I am going to tell her about your 200 extreme spanking idea, we will see what her answer would be. About Jessica, you are absolutely right, she has a real sadistic side, she really enjoys being a dominatrix.

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