New movie on – Gladiators – Abby vs Nazryana

Watch how Abby and Nazryana beat the pee out of each other like real amazon gladiators. The rules is simple: the one who is able to hit three times in a row on the opponent’s body is the winner and she squirts in the looser’s mouth.


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  1. An excellent and perverse struggle game between two masochistic girls by whipping each other until exhaustion!
    -But the whips that these girls use are extremely soft. To hit bodies as strong as those of these girls, they should use other whips, made of hardened leather, so that the lashes produce deeper marks in their asses and thighs.
    -It is essential that fighter girls also hit their backs with brutal lashes so that their muscular backs are also deeply marked by lashes.
    -The diverse rounds, of 10 lashes each, should be given alternately in their asses and thighs and on their backs.
    In spite of all of the above, this film is excellent!

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