New movie on – Office Staples – Abby

Abby is definitely the most masochistic girl of all of us, still she was so afraid of the staple gun that for a long time she refused to try it at all. But now she got in deep water. I stapled her nipples and inner labias with an office stapler. It does not just shoot the staple into the flesh but it bends the tips together that is why it is way more painful than a regular staple gun that we usually use. To top it all of her pain I whipped her stapled pussy until I had squirted on her body and in the end of course she also got her well-deserved orgasm.


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  1. OMG, yes!! I love Abby’s hyper-shredded, veiny, hard and muscular body!!! Please tell me she’ll be getting in this shape again for some whipping videos while those muscles and veins bulge! I would pay much $$$$$ to make that happen ;-)

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