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  1. one more aspect, I do not like Jessica’s style of dominating here. it feels disinterested and random cruelty. When you, Queensnake, torture someone, I feel that there is a relationship, a loving teasing way of interacting. Jessica didn’t care in the forward path with spread labia to re-fix the clip when it slipped right at the beginning of the path. she seems to use the prod randomly instead of only as an encouragement when needed. towards the end, she uses the prod to the sex repeatedly, amplified by the metal clips. This must be distracting to the sub. Micha should be allowed to concentrate on the candles she is tasked to extinguish and the pain originating from them. Prodding so frequently disturbs any concentration on that.

  2. Well done, I like the snuffer theme.
    Especially for the nipples, it would be worth waiting for more wax to melt. Splashing the nipples into the wax is visually appealing, and allows more wax to be rubbed off along the way.
    There should be a punishment for candles thrown down. Micha needs some incentive for moving calmer and steadier instead of wobbling around and going back and forth so much.
    I’m not sure I like the blindfold. Isn’t seeing the flames that need to be touched part of the torture? Re-dipping into an already extinguished candle may be good for momentary laughs, but I don’t get that much out of it.

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