New movie on – Splits

This movie was my idea so I just had to be the first to try it :) I never thought that 3 minutes can be so long when my pussy is being whipped continuously for that long, I mean I got one or two hits in every seconds. The pain was almost untolerable and maddening. At the end of the third 3 minutes of whipping I almost lost my consciousness. My legs were tied so tight and wide that it felt like splits to me, my clit was completely vulnerable in this very exposed position. And Jessica aimed too well with every whip, first with the coral flogger hardened with knots, second time with the dragon tail whip and third time with a single tail whip. Actually I felt that only my clit was hit all the time. So prepare for my very loud screaming. In the end I got my squirting orgasm and we also had some hot lesbian chill out sex with Jessica.

Download the full movie fromĀ

2 Replies to “New movie on – Splits”

  1. Great! It seems that luckily QS and his girl friends have decided to resume their hard whipping sessions!
    Your attached survey indicates that you have more and more fans interested in the topic of “Whipping, spanking, flogging (in a classic or creative way)” and unfortunately now there are almost no production companies that offer F / F movies with real lashes and with extreme toughness! The lashes on the pussies are always impressive displays! You are extraordinary women, very tough and very brave! and I encourage you to continue, more frequently, with your awesome hard whip games. To introduce some interesting novelty in your movies, it would be good if you acquired new types of whips with different degrees of hardness and test the effects and marks that each of these new whips will cause both on your own body and on the bodies of your girl friends. ,
    Enjoy the lashes!

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