New movie on – Superglue – Tanita

Tanita had got through a little temporary body modification. Nazryana used some superglue to make Tanita’s nipples, belly buttons and pussy lips disappear for a short time. Before closing Tanita’s pussy she stuffed it with some chocolate dessert which made this session really messy, especially when the chocolate was mixed with the girls’ squirt and pee. To make her new look much more uncomfortable, Tanita had to do some fitness exercises, even splits and a lot of pussy eating, foot licking, foot sucking which made Tanita’s humiliation complete.

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2 Replies to “New movie on – Superglue – Tanita”

    1. Unfortunately it seems that lately these girls have lost interest in whips. Now they film fewer sessions with hard whipping and the blows are no longer brutal. I think they are making a mistake because they are abandoning the films specialized in brutal whiplash sessions, which were always one of the essential hallmarks of QS and one of the most valued aspects by their fans because they showed the extraordinary physical resistance to pain of these amazing women and the extraordinary capacities of these girls to get horny getting whipped and competing with each other to see which of them could take more pain and receive more pleasure. Hopefully they will soon release new films of their great series entitled “Wheel of Misfortune”, “Gladiators”, “Bullwhipped Cunt”, “Cunt Busters”, “The Bench”, “Hardbody”, “Self Service”, “Rulers” .. .

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