New movie on – Nailed Down – Abby

Please be warned that this movie is not for the faint-hearted :) Abby – my new girl – is the most masochistic and extreme girl I have ever met. She is so committed to BDSM that she is wearing her metal collar all the time, even in bed and she tattood the word BDSM to her arm. For her, the pain is better than having regular sex. Her old wish came true by doing this session. She specifically asked me to nail her tits down and of course I fullfilled her wish with pleasure. The nails that I used were very long and thick but she didn’t even scream or cry at all, she just had that demonic smile on her face as if she had have the most relaxing and chillout time while I was hammering her tits and nipples to the wooden beam with those huge nails. She only screamed a little bit when I whipped her ass, belly and nailed tits with a hard wooden crop. Actually I hit out one of the nails of her nipple. It was so creepy! Next time she wants her tits to be screwed down to a wooden beam, first off camera, just to see how it feels like. And I thought that I was a hardcore masochist lol :), she is more hardcore than anyone.

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  1. This new girl has been an extraordinary find and she must return. Abby enjoyed herself as a true masochistic bitch when her tits were drilled, but she is still not able to withstand the hard blows of cane. Queensnake must convince Abby to return as soon as possible, so that Abby definitely joins the fabulous group of friendly masochist girls, because Abby has proven herself to be a special and unusual girl. It would be a great loss if Abby left forever! I propose that next time, Abby undergo a hard flogging session with various types of whips and up to the maximum limit she can endure. In this way she will show us her level of resistance to lashes and if her masochism reaches the extreme of getting horny and enjoying when she is whipped.

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