New movie on – Wheel of Misfortune – Holly

Since Holly was so enthusiastic about being whipped, I found out a game for her. The Wheel of Misfortune is about being whipped with four different kind of tools – like a bullwhip, a riding crop, a dragon tail and a barbed flogger. The whipping is delivered by two girls, in this case by Jessica and me, one after the other and in a batch of ten lashes each time. The wheel tells us which whip and which body part should be used. The funny thing is that when I mentioned my game idea to Holly she loved it so much that she couldn’t wait to be the suffering part of it but at about 16:59 you can see her breaking point when she bursts out in tears as she suddenly realizes that this game is not such fun for her lol.

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  1. It is obvious that Holly is an increasingly masochistic woman, with which this exceptional bitch gradually increases her fabulous sexual attractiveness. But unfortunately, in this movie Holly has been whipped with four types of whips so soft and that they did not even produce marks. A woman as tough and as masochistic as Holly needs to be whipped with much harder whips and produce many lasting marks on her fabulous body. In this way, when the next day Holly looks in the mirror and she contemplates the deep whip marks that “decorate” her body, she will be proud to wear the whip marks on her skin and also proud to have been able to endure a session of whipping so brutal. Perhaps the contemplation of her own body marked by lashes makes Holly so horny that she needs to be whipped again to boast of having her body permanently “decorated” with recent lash marks that progressively replace the previous flagellation marks that go disappearing It seems that Holly constantly craves to be flogged because it is evident that she gets immensely horny when she receives brutal lashes. This extraordinary and unique woman should not hide her addiction to whipping and she should take pride in being one of the few women capable of achieving orgasms through the pain caused by whipping.
    Holly, like every young and horny woman, will need to have frequent orgasms and QS and her friends should whip Holly daily to pamper her, please her and give her pleasure, in order for Holly to get used to always orgasm with lashes and also for Holly to manage to let off steam sexually with lashes and daily orgasms and she is not permanently horny.
    Holly should also get used to proudly displaying her body “decorated” with the marks of daily lashes, as a sign of identity of a strong woman who enjoys whipping and is always willing to receive a blunt flogging with the toughest whips.

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