5 Replies to “New movie on queensect.com – Small Cockroaches”

  1. like to see more anthill sitting…that is so hot and thank you very much
    for all you do…anchored was so hot..

  2. It’s really good.
    Small bugs are more lively and fun.
    Smallworms were fun, too.
    Add the little bugs.

  3. Great movie, I really love it! Worth the hassle of Bitcoin purchase for sure. QS: Please make more of these types of films where you trap pest insects inside, can you please consider using large roaches next time? Don’t worry about harming them if they are pests that must be destroyesmd anyway! :)

  4. Awesome woman, action from start to finish. Great camera work, editing.
    With lots of closeups, fisting and a very wet ending.
    Love this woman XO. Incredible movie, worth every Bitcoin ;)

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