New movie on – Workout – Holly

Holly has started working out recently in real life and I wanted her to show me some of the exercises she had been doing in the gym. I motivated her with a bullwhip. Continuous full body whipping for about half an hour can be very annoying so I let her have some relaxing time and I fucked her with an average sized and then a huge sized strap-on dildo. I am not sure which one she hated more: the whip or the huge fake dick lol.

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2 Replies to “New movie on – Workout – Holly”

  1. – I just saw this movie in full and it seemed like an excellent movie! I think “Workout-Holly” is one of the best movies with lashes to masochist girls I’ve seen lately. It is a very hard film, because Holly receives more than 600 lashes! But it is not a movie as brutal as those of QS of yesteryear because, although Holly withstands more than 600 lashes, Queensnake scourges Holly with little force and with a whip of little hardness that only slightly marked Holly’s skin. In spite of everything, Holly shows again that, today, she is the masochistic bitch more resistant to the whip and that, for the moment, she is the only girl, with a spectacular muscular body, able to withstand a number of lashes so high, even if they aren’t really brutal.
    I think Holly should take advantage of her unusual superhuman resistance to lashes, to definitely become the only, fabulous and very hard girl specialized in receiving brutal lashes in future films. In addition, it seems that Holly enjoys when she is receiving whips and she is proud of her extraordinary and uncommon level of resistance to pain. In order to withstand more brutal lashes, such as the best and toughest masochistic bitch, Holly only needs to harden her skin as well as her formidable body a little more, receiving batches of periodic and systematic flagellations with whips (and with cane) becoming harder, as if she was training to win an extreme whiplash sports competition. I am sure that, in a short time, Holly’s skin and body will get used to the most extreme lashes and fans will be able to witness fabulous shows with Holly enjoying brutal flagellations while her friendly bitches whip her with the toughest whips, to limits that only a bitch as hard as Holly will be able to endure.

  2. Certainly Holly has lately developed a splendid, toned, fibrous and muscular body. She has again shown us that her pussy, totally hardened by beatings, is able to withstand the toughest lashes without breaking or skinning. But the rest of his body has not yet received really hard lashes. Now is the time for Holly to show her fans that she is able to endure a very hard flogging all over her body, with the toughest whips, and that her fabulous body is also hardened and prepared to receive the toughest lashes. I am sure that a girl as masochistic as Holly can endure a really brutal flogging and enjoy torture!
    Courage, Holly! Require your friends to give you a brutal flogging! Your fans are sure that you can withstand at least 200 lashes … or even more!

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