New movie on – Toothbrush In The Peehole

Most girls – including me lol – chicken out when it is about peehole play. But not Jeby. She actually levelled up in PHP. I was using different kind of urethral sounds to stretch her peehole big enough to fuck it with a smaller and then a bigger toothbrush. It was incredible how Jeby was able to tolerate such a pain when I rotated the brushes inside her peehole. And in the end she even had several orgasms.

Full movie is available on

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  1. OMG I’m so jealous that I’m not a woman. If I were a woman I’d be crazy for all the ideas to make a great video like this video. Too bad you don’t need a guy for some videos I’d sign up right away. Woman are so lucky.And all of your videos is beautiful. Have a great day.

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