New movie on – Bonfire – Jessica

Jessica hates her inner labias, she frequently talks about her future labiaplasty which will happen in the indefinite future fortunately, preferably never. Until then, I provided her a cheap way to harm them as much as she likes by balancing above my favorite Bar of Candles.

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  1. Jessica and Holly have big vaginal lips, but absolutely perfect and extraordinarily attractive. I think Jessica should not undergo any surgery to modify or decrease the size of her vaginal lips, because she would lose one of her best sexual attractions. It would also be extremely exciting for Jessica and Holly to stretch their incredible lips even further with the technique of hanging several pounds of weight from the lips of their pussies and keeping the weights hanging for several hours for many days, until they stretch. the lips of their pussies, about 10 or 12 centimeters more, so that they can have vaginal lips of size XXXL. Jessica and Holly should drill the lips of their pussies and place in them several rings of 8 or 10 centimeters in diameter. In this way, the friends of Jessica and Holly could play with the rings to practice BDSM and make them all enjoy sexually much more.

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