New movie on – Udder Destruction

Meet my new painslut, Briana, the most masochistic girl I have ever met. I have whipped her big tits with 3 different kind of single tail whips: a short thin one, a long thin one and a short thick one. The latter thick whip was not used for years because it was just too hard for the girls, we used it last time with Tracy in the Pantheon movies. But Briana’s fatty body and tits were perfect subjects for this terrific whip. She actually loved it. She got beautiful bruises on her tits. After the whipping I shot her tits and pussy point-blank with an airsoft launcher. I have never shot anyone from this short distance before but Briana could endure it.

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2 Replies to “New movie on – Udder Destruction”

  1. Hello Queensnake.
    The return of Briana would be great news. You should hang Briana from the ceiling, suspended only by her tits (like your friend Sharon in your old and excellent movie “Hanging Around”) and in that posture, give her a brutal whipping session with that short and hard whip she likes so much . Ruby and Jessica could also be hung by the tits.
    You had a great idea when you went back to using the fabulous and terrible whip that you used on the body of Tracy in the old movie “Pantheon”. You are a truly sadistic woman and an expert in the use of whips. You should show again your high degree of masochism and your fabulous resistance to pain, and allow some of your friends to give you a brutal whip session with that hard whip that Tracy and Briana enjoyed so much. You must also enjoy the caresses and the sting of that hard whip. Once your flogging finishes, and to the satisfaction of your lovers, you will be extremely sexy with your body decorated (for a long time) with the marks of the brutal lashes that only hard women, like you, can endure. I suppose that, in addition, you will feel very proud of your fabulous resistance to pain and of being able to exhibit your striped body as a tigress or as a wild zebra.
    Thanks to you and your friends for your excellent work.

  2. Briana has the perfect belly for trampling. How about you make a video where 1 or 2 girls walk barefoot on her bare belly?

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