New movie on – Rulers – Tracy

Tracy just loves to destroy her own puffy baby pussy. This time she had to use some see-through plastic rulers for the job. Her red and swollen pussy was so sensitive by the end that she hardly could touch it. Regardless she got a squirting orgasm finally.

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One Reply to “New movie on – Rulers – Tracy”

  1. I really like Tracy! And in this movie she seems especially attractive, vicious and masochistic. Tracy (and also Nazryana and Queensnake) is one of the few girls that is capable of self-whipping the pussy with extreme brutality and with real cruelty until she manages to cum. It is incredible the intense pain that can endure this girl in order to get the pleasure of orgasm. She is a real pain slut and wonderfully masochistic, which makes Tracy a very special and fabulously attractive woman. I’m looking forward to seeing more of Tracy’s films self-whipping her cunt or receiving a brutal flogging all over her body, counting each lash received (to achieve greater humiliation that further enhances her masochism). The flogging will have no limit on the total number of lashes and will only end when Tracy begs to stop her torture because she has reached her maximum limit of pain resistance and can not stand any more lashes. During the flogging, Tracy may ask, whenever she wishes, to temporarily stop her torture for a few seconds until she regains strength and ask that they continue to whip her. For every 100 lashes received, and as a reward, Tracy will have the right to achieve an orgasm when her torture has ended. I’m sure she will not settle for a single orgasm and Tracy will do her best to endure 200, 300 or many more lashes in order to get more orgasms. It would be an unforgettable sado-masochism show.

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