New movie update on – T-Brush in Public

This session was one of my favourites recently, it was so exciting to walk in the streets and even to buy an ice cream while I have a toilet brush inside my pussy. The bristles were rubbing my vagina and the handle of the brush was nudging my thighs continuously and I had to walk like a normal woman and not like a crazy one who has a toilet brush stuck in her pussy. I am sure that the people who might have seen something never thought that I was just moving a toilet brush in and out of my pussy lol. Although the video is only about 40 minutes long, actually I walked more than 4 hours having it in my pussy.

Check out the full movie here.

One Reply to “New movie update on – T-Brush in Public”

  1. Dear QS,

    This I REALLY like; walking like that in public – fantastic!

    Hope to be watching the full video soon.

    Must say, it reminds me of you walking the streets, filled with those ferocious meal worms!!!

    Love you lots

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