3 Replies to “Fire Snake”

  1. Many thanks for your unique and extremely tough series of videos, continuing for a number of years already.
    The fiery scenes are among those that turn me on most. (I guess i empathise with temperature play in general, snow is also very sexy but not as readily available most of the year, and not suited for studio work either, so I can understand why it remains a niche topic.)
    Just one request, please find a reliable and long-necked lighter. Burning your thumb is kind of a turn-off distraction from the real action.

  2. what you’re doing is amazing. waiting to see new girls in the extinguisher/bonfire series.

  3. This is truly unique! I can’t believe you could endure that. What courage it must taken to have lit that gun cotton for the firs time on your vagina. Then to use the fire string which burns longer on the flesh of you nipple, and more than once! You are quite a masochistic woman; and so lovely too.

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