Kinky Foursome

I am telling you about an exciting bdsm game that happened a couple of weeks ago when my pussy was hairy. So here is my story.

We invited a kinky and nice couple to have dinner with us in our home. Of course everybody knew that it was not just a dinner invitation :). We first met them in a fetish party many years ago and since then we are not just good friends but fuck buddies. Though they are not into hardcore bdsm games – the man is dominant and sadistic, the girl is submissive and a little bit masochistic –  they know and like what we are doing.

Actually they love to learn new and exciting things and we try to spoil them with our weird games :P.

This time we showed them how to play with the rubber bands. Of course it was me who had to be the target for the shooters. Our guests and my master was sitting on the couch and I was on my knees before them (the distance was about 2 metres/6 feet) spreading my legs wide revealing my bare butts and pussy to the shooters,  bending forward and putting my chest on a pouffe,  so my face was protected and I wasn’t able to see the shooters.

Since they have never shot before with rubber bands, they needed to learn the right technique and practice on me. First they were clumsy but the more they shot the more pain I got.

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