We have been working on our new website – queensect.com – for weeks and now I can say that it is ready to launch. This is a completely uncensored and unique fetish website, its content is so extreme that we need to stay low profile – although everything on the site is legal. Since this new site works underground, we need everyone who like this stuff to promote queensect.com and support us with Bitcoin. Please don’t ask for credit card payment option, it is not available and won’t be available in the future, either.

About the content of the site, it is mainly about insect fetish and piercing plays which were banished from QS.com. I did not want to give up shooting that kind of movies just because they are against the ethical and religious beliefs of some powerful people and companies (like visa, mc, etc.) so I decided to launch this new, uncensored website beside QS.com. I am going to post one new movie every two weeks, at least in the beginning.

If you have questions, feel free to ask.

Comments Disabled :(

The comments are disabled on my blog until the credit card companies stop limiting the rights of free speech on the internet :(.

After so much work on moving my blog to an other server and domain it turned out that it was useless. I cannot have an uncensored blog. My payment provider told me that even if I remove every link and connection between my paysite and my blog, my blog’s content is still about the stuff on q……s……com and this way it must be censored too according to the credit card companies’ regulations.

So now not just my paysite but my free blog is strictly censored and I cannot even have a link from my blog to other sources of my movies. So the paysite’s link’s link must be censored either.

There are certain fetishes and there are tones of words that I am not allowed to use in any form not just on my blog but anywhere on the internet under the name of Q….S…..

Where is our world going? :(

New Blog Rules

Complying with the rules of my billing company I had to remove every content – even comments – which contains words and terms of nature’s beings which are not vegetables.

So please don’t use any words in your comments that refers to those nature’s beings. If you use such words I will get in trouble :(

Thank you for your understanding.

PS: My billing company found too many forbidden words in the comments so finally I had to remove all of them and disable commenting :(. Free speech on the internet and having an uncensored blog even if it is not connected to my paysite is not allowed. I hate this so much but I have to comply if I want my site to stay alive.

Merry Christmas
















This year I have a bdsm Christmas tree – suspended upside down and tied to the ceiling hooks by chains.

I think it really looks unconventional :) What do you think?

Merry Christmas and Holidays Everybody!

New Separated Blog

qsbdsm.com – the new website where you can read my blog in the future. Freedom of speech is important for me so – after my payment provider forced me to remove several blog entries due to compliance issues with their rules – I decided to move my blog to an other domain and server. It will be uncensored and separated from my paysite so there will be no direct link to it from my site.

In the next two weeks you still can click through to my new blog (which still remains censored during this time) to make it easier for you to bookmark it. After that time I will remove the direct link and I will restore my original, uncensored blog entries.

If you would like to read some behind-the-scenes stories about my movies or just want to keep yourself updated on the latest news of my site(s), I suggest you to visit my blog regularly.

I have got so many nice comments from you, thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with me and with our small kinky community ;). Opinions, feedbacks, suggestions are always welcome, I am trying to answer all of them.

I also draw your attention to the new poll about your favorite torment types. Please check it out on the sidebar and take your votes ;)