New movie update on – The Bench – Nazryana

I have got this new girl, Hellia, she is a professional sadist IRL but she has never dealt with girls before, only men. We tied Nazryana on the bench for some happy little spanking. I gave Hellia a butterfly and a hand shaped riding crop so she could practice on Nazryana. Be warned, there will be a lot of screaming. But don’t feel pity for her, by the end she got more orgasms than beatings.


Ping Pong spanking

We shot a video with Diamond a few days ago. First I wanted her to be my pain slut and I started to spank her with a ping pong paddle but she gave up at the very beginning of the session  so the roles were reversed. She spanked me with full strength, she did not spare me lol, my butts turned black the next day. These are the 3-days marks.

Ping Pong